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Free stock image of Utah Alien created by Nicolas Raymond

Utah Alien

Abstract symmetrical landscape from desert hills near Cathedral Valley, Utah (USA). Title inspired by what reminds me of an alien face with a menacing look.

Category: Landscape
utah alien face landscape symmetry nature scene scenic scenery hill hills geology geologic geological earth dirt rock rocks rocky stone stones rugged desert dry arid barren sky cloud clouds cloudy sunset sundown goldenhour atmosphere atmospheric environment environmental background backdrop cathedral valley park ut us usa united states of america american outside outdoor outdoors exterior beauty beautiful pretty picturesque epic surreal ethereal fantasy fantastic dreamy abstract abstracted abstraction concept conceptual head eye mouth creature critter insect bug beast animal monster extraterrestrial extra-terrestria et otherworldly science fiction science-fiction sciencefiction sci fi sci-fi scifi scary spooky creepy eerie eery evil fright frightful frightening terrifying menace menacing danger dangerous texture textured textural worn weathered raw rough crack cracks cracked fracture fractures fractured striation striations striated erode eroded erosion grunge grungy grunginess grime grimy griminess grit gritty grittiness distress distressed leading line lines curve curves geometry geometric geometrical symmetric symmetrical perspective composition closeup close-up close up detail details detailed hdr high dynamic range composite contrast contrasted contrasting shade shades shadow shadows highlight highlights light lights bright brilliant brilliance glow glowing illuminate illuminated illumination warm warmth vivid blue cyan yellow orange gold golden brown maroon white color colour colors colours colorful colourful vibrant vibrance vibrancy photomanipulatio photomanipulated manipulated manipulation digital art creative creativity creativeness original nicolasraymond
  1. Member since: July 28th 2012
    Nicolas Raymond5 years ago

    Thank you very much Bjorgvin and Gaimard!

  2. Member since: October 17th 2018
    GAIMARD Jacques5 years ago

    excellent picture...Breathtaking !

  3. Member since: January 1st 2004
    Bjorgvin5 years ago

    This one is really interesting Nick. Freaky!

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