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Bjorgvin Gudmundsson

Bjorgvin Gudmundsson

from Iceland - Website

Bjorgvin is a graphic/web designer and photography enthusiast. For the past 18 years Bjorgvin has been working in the advertisement industry in both Denmark and Iceland. Today Bjorgvin runs the Curly Eskimo community for a living, and has never been more passionate about this work. In his free time, Bjorgvin enjoys playing his guitars and spending time with his wife and son.

Latest Uploads

Scratched Concrete
Foam Board
Rough Concrete
Red Rusted Metal
Rusted Surface
Gray Wood Board
Gray Wooden Board
Gray Wood
Dirty Wall
Black Gravel
Cracked Wall
Rusted Stainless Steel
Dry Cracked Wood
Cracked Dry Wood
Rusted Metal
Rusted Steel
Gray Wood Board
Nailed Shut
Metal and Concrete Decay
Rusted and Bent Metal
Grunge Volcanic Stone
Dark Volcanic Stone Texture
Volcanic Lava Texture
Grass and Moss Background
Old Icelandic Lava Rock
Old Dark Lava Stone
Lava Rock Texture
Old Lava Rock Texture
Dark Storm Clouds
Dark Storm in the Sky
Dark Clouds in the Sky
Dark Blue Clouds
Opening in the Sky
Clouded Sky
Light and Blue Cloudy Sky
Dark Clouds in the Skies
Gray Concrete Wall Texture
Worn Concrete Wall Texture
Dark Worn Concrete Wall
Corroded Metal Sheets
Dark Volcanic Rock
Geothermal Rock Surface
Splashing Water
Geothermal Rock Under Water
Black and White Concrete
Rough Grunge Concrete Texture
Rough Concrete Texture
Rough Grunge Stone Surface
Dark Rough Stone Surface
B&W Dry Fish Scales
Cracked and Dry Fish Scales Background
Dark Fish Scale Texture
Fish Scale Texture
Dry Fish Scales Background
Dried Fish Scales Background
Dry Fish Scales Surface
Dried Fish Scales
Fish Skin Texture
Fish Skin Background
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