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Björgvin is a web-designer and a photographer that has been working in the business for the past 19 years. He is the founder and owner of Stockvault. Apart from designing websites, graphics and photographing, he spends most of his free time with his family and playing his guitars.

Member since January 1st 2004

Latest Uploads

Iceberg on the Beach
Iceberg in the Sand
Glacier Lagoon Beach
Small Iceberg in the Sea
Egg Shell Macro
Wool Texture
Wool Fabric Background
Brown Leather Surface
Brown Leather with Seams
Dark Brown Velvet Fabric
Dry Fish Scales Background
Dry Fish Skin - Black and White
Dry Fish Scales Close Up
Dried Fish Scales Background
Dried Fish Scales - Dark Background
Old Dried Fish Scales
Old Dried Fish Skin
Yellow Old Dried Fish Skin
White Sugar Cube Close Up
Silver Chains on Black
Stainless Steel Chains
Silver Chains Closeup
Closeup of Silver Chains
Icy Window
Ice on Window
Blue Night Sky
Unusual Sky Formation
Evening Sky Background
Evening Sky with Clouds
Blue Night Sky
Unusual Cloud Formation
Clean Water Flow Background
Geothermal Rock Formation Background
Geothermal Landscape
Geothermal Waterflow
Smooth Clouds
Geothermal Smoke Clouds
Thick Smoke Clouds
Thick Smoke Cloud
Geothermal Smoke Clouds on Blue Sky
Extra Smooth Clouds
Geothermal Clouds Background
White Clouds on Blue Sky
White Puffy Clouds on Blue
Geothermal Heated Soil
Geothermal White Smoke Clouds
Blue Lagoon Algae Closeup
Blue Lagoon Ripples
Old Worn Cement Block
Wood Versus Metal
Old Wooden Board Texture
Dark Rusted Metal Texture
Closeup of Dark Rust Texture
Dark Rust Details
Dark Corroded Metal Surface
Rusted Container Detail
Shattered Car Window
Blue Grunge Dirty Wall
Grunge Cracked Stone Surface
White Paint Grunge Background
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