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Björgvin is a web-designer and a photographer that has been working in the business for the past 20 years. He is the founder and owner of Stockvault. Apart from designing websites, graphics and photographing, he spends most of his free time with his family and playing his guitars.

Member since January 1st 2004

Latest Uploads

Blue and Purple Bokeh
Violet Abstract Bokeh
Blue Abstract Bokeh
Purple Abstract Bokeh
Blue Abstract Bokeh Background
Vivid Pink Bokeh Background
Green and Yellow Bokeh
Pink Soft Bokeh Background
Soft Purple Bokeh
Pink Bokeh - Soft Background
Abstract Bokeh Background
Blue Bokeh - Abstract Background
Abstract Blue and Green Bokeh
Abstract Violet Bokeh
Purple Bokeh Background
Red Bokeh Abstract Background
Red Blurry Bokeh
Vintage Floral Background
White Flower with Green Bokeh Background
Oriental Dragon Sculpture
Iguana Head
Lazy Dragon
Large Butterflies
Large Butterfly on Pupa
Small Butterfly on Leaf
Butterfly Feeding on Sweets
Feeding Butterfly
Small Yellow Bird
Red and White Koi Fish
Red Koi Fish
Butterfly on Flower - Macro
Prominence Eruption
Comets in Helix Nebula
Crab Nebula
Earth at Night - South Africa
Earth Night View
Earth Crescent
Blue Marble Earth
Earth and Moon from Galileo
Gravel Road and Icelandic Nature
The Road to the Country
Dark Dramatic Mountain and Skies
Icelandic Landscape in Summer
Green Shrubs and Icelandic Valley Landscape
Icelandic Volcanic Cliffs
Dramatic Mountain Peak in Iceland
Beautiful and Dramatic Waterfall in Iceland
Icelandic Waterfall Seljarlandsfoss
Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
Late Night Fog Over Hveragerdi, Iceland
Red and Yellow Tulips
Beautiful Tulips - Red and White
Icelandic Beach and Skies with Shafts of Light
Icelandic Beach - Clouds and Waves
Sandy Beach in Reykjanes Iceland
Old Boat Wreck in Iceland
Hofrungur - Old Boat Wreck
Höfrungur AK 91
Lighthouse at Night
Observing the Ocean
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