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Neat barge on a river
Nicely painted barge close-up
Wall painting on the riverside
Sunrise on a sunflower!
Wall painting on an electric transformer
Wall painting mural of couple dancing
Wall painting on an electric transformer
Barge on a quiet river
Sun rays gently warm me up...
I just love sun rising!!
Huge barge passing by
Slug wandering on a pathway
Seen in a garden...
Garden decoration
Abandoned house in an old village
Designed light in a museum
Designed blue chair
Designed lamp in a modern art exhibition
Overcast weather in Paris...
The conquest of Paris
Black bronze sculpture of woman
Bronze hand sculpture close-up
Bronze face sculpture
Huge portrait in a museum
Wall painting in a modern art museum
Picture in a modern art museum
Relax in the museum
Modern Art in a Museum - Sculpted Figures and Painting
Modern art wall painting
Bucket full of various personalities
Georges Bush himself!!
Twin's picture in a museum
Modern art bas-relief in a museum
Garden decoration
Nice barge wandering in the channel
Wooden boat on the Seine river
Modern art bird
Modern art - a little gore!
Modern art jacket on a coat hanger
Green and red modern art sculpture
Green modern art sculpture with camera
Green modern art sculpture
Red, black and white modern art sculpture
Red and green modern art sculptures
Green modern art sculpture
Colorful red modern art
Colorful modern art
Colorful design items
Rough shoes!!!
Woman painting in modern art exhibition
Sculpture of skeleton dressed in white
Sculpture of woman drinking beer
Sculpture of woman with many arms
White sculpture of gremlin
Double-face woman painting
Green sculpture on blue background
Tourists under Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris
Young woman dreaming...
Grey bronze bust in a cemetery
Baby angel in a funerary monument
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