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Singing Bird Silhouette
Drone watching a building under construction
Drone in flight
Paris view with river boats
Man on a flying wing
Flying wing seen from under
Wall painting of man on a bike
Snail crawling on grass
Florida turtle getting out of a lake
Rat on the Grass
Sheep and lamb on the grass
Water hen chick with big feet
Water hen and chick on blooming grass
Water hen and its chick
Twin Canadian Geese
Twin cats looking behind
Three feet away from my lunch!!
Cat trying to catch a pigeon
Cat hunting pigeons on a roof
Hi Tom! How're you today?
Black and white cat hunting on a roof
Black and white cat hunting for pigeons
Proud as a Peacock
Red squirrel climbing a big tree
Sandstone pavement underwater
Old sandstone pavement
Weeds in the middle of a road
Rusted and abandoned window wood shutter
White goat close-up
White goat in a garden
Chewing sheep close-up
Deer in a field
Stone and sand texture
Don't I look better with my horn dressing??
Army chopper on duty
Pied wagtail with food for the kids
The big blue barge
What a huge wall painting!
Mommy... Can I eat those blue flowers??
Mm mm! Grass for the whole month
It's so good to rest on thick grass!!
Yellow Lichens on Stone
Artistic propeller
Hey... You're learning fast sweety!
Stick it out!! I ain't got all day...
O.M.G. I had lunch for at least three month!!
Little green men invading a public garden!
How d'you like my new colored lenses?
Stone egg - detail of a sculpture
Old stone sculpture of bearded man
Bronze sculpture of Lamarck (scientist)
Paris - Near the river, early in the morning
View of Notre-Dame
Stone Bridge in Paris
Paris, early morning
Metallic Bridge in Paris
View of Paris and the river Seine
Paris, early in the morning
Musée d'Orsay (museum) early in the morning
Beautiful bridge of Paris
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