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Katharine Sparrow

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Amateur photographer, poet, writer. I hope you like my photos! No need to attribute, just don't represent them as your own. Enjoy using them!

Member since May 21st 2012

Latest Uploads

Tomato Plants in Garden
Grape Vine and White Fence
Ferry Boat in Harbor
Raw Fish Display Case
Raw Beef Display Case
Raw Steaks Display Case
Baked Scalloped Potatoes
Zucchini Squash
Butternut Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Wood pile in snow
Wooden windmill
New england harbor
Old Cape House
Boardwalk in the woods
Cemetery from a distance
Fallen Trees with Moss
Elephant statue sculpture
Science lab
Male Mallard Duck
Lichens texture
Grist Mill
Rocky brook stream
Bridge over stream
Foot Bridge over stream
House in the snow
House in snow storm
Beach Grass
Pavement Texture
City Street
Green and Pink Bicycles
Marble Statue of a Saint
Bikes in a bike rack
Bikes in a bike rack 2
College campus quad
Pot of Jam Boiling on Stove
Jars of Grape Jelly
Mailbox with Vines Flowers
Vintage Photo Women and Girl
Vintage Photo Men and Boy
Vintage Photo Women in Hats
Wood Pile
Wooden Swing
Wooden Swing
Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden 2
Tree Tops
Tiffany Lamp
Tiffany Lamp
Fruit on plate
Corn on the cob
Corn on the cob
Picnic Table
Cookout Food Table
Clothes line
Berries on a plant
CD's in a music store
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