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Looking for feedback, I'm relatively new to photography and have just uploaded photos from my collection that I find appealing. Not sure I have any talent or anything. I'd love to hear what you like as well as where I could do better. Thanks!

Latest Uploads

Golden Dome
Industrial Seattle
Dragon Fish
Golden Gate From Embarcadero
Bay Bridge at Dusk
Odette Winery
Industrial Stack
Aquarium Seattle
Pike Street Market
Frozen Crab Legs
Pike Worker
Pike Dog
Manteo Lighthouse
Sunset OBX Sound
Outer Banks Lightning
Beach Fireworks
Red Beach Fireworks
Beach Fireworks Explosion
Nine Giant Pint
Enthusiastic Dog
Cincinnati Style Chili
American Football Throw
Dog in Selective Black & White
Vine Cliff
Hanging Lights
Rabbit Sculpture
Barrel Bung
Flowers in Priorat
Brick Wall Texture
Prepping Vegetables
Flowers in Napa
Silhouette of Wine
Wine in Napa
Sagrada Familia (inside)
Parc Guell
St. Patricks Cathedral
Iberico Ham
Spanish Wine Country
Wine Barrels
Side Wine Barrels
Dark Wine Barrel
Barrel Bung Closeup
Lunch on a Mountaintop
Mountaintop Snack
Circular Vines
La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia (back)
La Sagrada Familia (Front)
Wine on a Mountaintop
White Beach Fireworks
Beach Fireworks
Grounded Spices
Hanging Tomatoes
Tomato Bunches
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