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Yuliy Ganev

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The White Tower in Thessaloniki
One of the main squares of Pompeii
The castle Castello Nuovo in Naples
Young people kayaking
White clouds and blue sky
White clouds and blue sky
Stairs to a residential area
Stairs to a residential area
Coexistence of antiquity to modern times
Stairs leading from the sea
Roman sarcophagus in the Gulf of ancient
Tourist boats in the small bay of Kekova
Antique staircase in amphitheater of Myr
Century-old elm tree
View of old spruce forest
Very old house more than a century
The ruins of the ancient Sillyon
Preparation of Gyozleme
The bay of ancient Olympos
Landscape of the Taurus Mountains
 Stone seats of the old open-air theater
Small stream in Stara planina mountain
Golden Horn and Galata Tower in Istanbul
Golden Horn & Galata Tower in Istanb
Not used for decades stone steps
Column of Constantine in Istanbul
View from the Basilica of Hagia
Arches and colonnades of the Blue Mosque
 Suleymaniye Mosque  a face of Istanbul
Beautifully shaped cypress trees
 Huskies in the mountain resort of Pampo
Old Station Edirne
Colorful primroses
Green grasshopper on cloves
Yellow iris in May
Blue Metallic dung beetle
Old house in Zlatograd
Katyusha rocket
Tank Meibach T-4
River Manavgat near Antalya
Trigrad gorge in Rhodopi mountains
Numerous colorful decorative plates
The Korean seen fortress Rumeli Hisar
Look at the end of the Bosphorus
Beach of the Aegean coast
Successful promotion of ice
Landscape of cliffsof Aegean coast
Old tram in Istanbul
The basilica st.Joan in Bergama
Monument of Turkish artillery
Flower fairy glass
Gladiator waited for the battle
Steam locomotive
Marble gravestones
Rock tombs
Landscape of the Saklakent canyon
Tombs carved into sheer rock
The beauty of the virgin nature
Bronze sculptures bagpiper and woman fro
Old abandoned stone house
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