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Pedro P. Alcantara

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Water outlet through a pipe
A beautiful gray common iguana
A little black cat
White mushroom
Hands of an old woman
Podranea ricasoliana or Pink Bignonia
Bunch of lemons on a lemon tree
Panoramic view of a touristic medieval city
Dirt trail through a forest
Sunset at the bastion wall tower
Sunset on the bridge over the river
Stone bridge over a river
Waterfall of a river in the mountains
View of the city of Prague from the castle with the San Carlos bridge
View of a glacial lake in the Pyrenees
A waterfall in a fountain on the forest
Romantic walk among dry leaves in autumn
Spur on the beach to contain the blue sea
View of the ancient city on the beach
Colored pencils forming a curve
Yellow pencil different from the others
Various colored pencils with eraser
Pencils of different colors lined up
The colors of the gay pride flag
Snowy houses on a winter day
View of the green mountain and the sky
The beach in the morning of a summer day
Sights of the green mountain and the blue sky
Views of the green mountain
Sight of the green mountain and the blue sky
A secondary road to infinity
White bridge over the river
Dry tree in the river
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