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Erik Karits

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Old world swallowtail in cemetery
Profile of a ural owl
Portrait of a Ural Owl
Red Eyed Fly
Stump-Tailed Macaque Primates
Stump-tailed Macaque Monkeys
Green Crab Spider
Jumping Spider on Green Leaf
Green bug on the flower
Bumble bee on the flower
Sunset Reflections
Red-veined Dropwing
Ural owl on branch
Elk in the Woods
Western Honey Bee
Old World Swallowtail
Grass Snake in Water
Oriental garden lizard
Asian water monitor lizard
Purple Bush Brown
Peacock Butterfly - Aglais Io
Peacock Butterfly
Violet Dropwing
Boats on the Beach in Thailand
Thailand Cliff Island
Thailand From Sea
German Cockroach
Dusky leaf monkey
Small pearl-bordered fritillary
Ural owl
Asian water monitor
Stump-tailed macaque monkey
Red Fox
Nun Valley
Thailand Boats on Beach
Stump Tailed Macaque
 Eurasian pygmy owl
Common mormon
Common Brimstone
Castor bean tick
Ural Owl
Red-Veined Dropwing
Himalayan Striped Squirrel
Stump-tailed Macaque
Long Eared Owl
Dusky Leaf Monkey
Red-throated Barbet
Castor Bean Tick
Grass Snake
Willow Tit
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