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Mircea Iancu

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Retired, enthusiast of street photography but not only, donations can help me much to improve my work.

Member since March 12th 2019

Latest Uploads

Girl walking on lakeshore
Little girl on bicycle
Old couple sitting on stairs
Old man reading newspaper
Man singing and playing guitar
Two men in work uniforms
Girl walking on stone pavement
Silhouettes of doves sitting on electrical wires
Closeup cat on the street
Group of young people crossing the street
Young woman with green dress walking
Two girls crossing the street
Closeup girl on street
Woman relaxing in a hammock
Woman relaxing in a hammock
Person climbing stairs in the park
Group of geese standing on lakeshore
Young boy running on pathway in the nature
Young boy running on pathway in the nature
Little girl with her father riding bicycle on alley in the park
Little girl skating on ice skating rink
Little girl skating on ice skating rink
Fighter jets flying on cloudy sky
Night lamps and video camera on a pole
Bride posing with a bouquet of flowers
Young boy learning a printed speech
Aquatic plants on lakeshore
Bride leaning on an outdoor wall
Bridesmaid walking
Pigeons on dovecote entrance
Flowers arrangement near a tomb in nature
Couple with a leashed dog walking in park
Family descending a pathway in the park
Woman running in park
Young couple walking in the park holding hands
Young girl taking photos with the smartphone
Man with his wife relaxing on the grass
Two girls relaxing on lakeshore in the summer
Young man climbing the stairs on the run
Boy riding a bicycle
Boy riding a bicycle
People walking on bikes in the city
Young girl with backpack walking on street
Entrance in a casino
Young woman riding a bike
Young couple on street
Woman with leashed dog sitting on building stairs
Parked rental bike
Couple walking on alley in the park
Cityscape in the Old Town - Brasov, Romania
Beautiful church among trees
Mountain landscape
People relaxing in the park
Young boy climbing slope on a bicycle
Young girl sitting on a bench
Group of girls celebrating the finish of a school
Young couple on a bench
Paved alley through a forest in the autumn
Gull standing on the edge of a lake
Young people dancing in the street
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