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Mircea Iancu

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Retired, enthusiast of street photography but not only, donations can help me much to improve my work.

Member since March 12th 2019

Latest Uploads

Young happy couple
Heroes monument
Girl sitting outdoors
Sexy girl walking
Girl portrait
Sexy girl walking
People walking on a residential alley
Tramway in Warsaw, Poland
Cityscape of Przemysl
People going in Warsaw, Poland
Girl fixing her earbuds
Crow eating on a wet pavement
Girl with a bird on her shoulder
Girl waiting for traffic lights
Walking girl legs
Crow perched on building eaves
Bicyclists waiting for traffic lights
Black woman walking on sidewalk
Black man outdoors
Two ticket sellers girls
Man with a snake
Girl in a public space
Boy with a snake
Cityscape in Warsaw
Tramway running
Cityscape of Dresden
Monument in Vilnius
Coot chick on lake water
Ducks mating on water
Woman with electric scooter
Shrub flowers
Sexy woman with glasses of champagne
Girl on sidewalk
Coot with chick
Boy listening smartphone
Dog outdoors
Girl on a bench
Lilac flowers
Lilac flowers
Young couple laughing
Boy with his dog
People rowing a canoe
Closeup dove
Dove on a street lamp
White swan
Leashed dog on an alley
Cat in a window
Two girls
Woman with dog
Two women
Woman walking
Young girl
Young couple walking
Women visiting a historical place
Fantasy landscape
Bearded man relaxing on building stairs
Girl crossing a street
Girl sitting outdoors on building stairs
Elderly man singing on the street
Dog sitting on asphalt
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