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Mircea Iancu

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Retired, enthusiast of street photography but not only, donations can help me much to improve my work. Much more photos already uploaded you can find on: . Without likes I am not motivated to continue uploading.

Member since March 12th 2019

Latest Uploads

Ducks and Pigeons by the Lake
Sunset Landscape - Trees and Birds
Young couple sitting by the lake
Child and grandfather climbing slope
Young woman with pandemic mask walking
3 Young girls walking on street
Young girls walking away on street
Two young girls walking
Silhouette of young woman watching phone
Young Woman Walking
Young girl with bag walking away
Young girl walking
Chicago Cityscape
People dancing in the street
People Dancing Outdoors
Two Cats Outdoors
Angels flying
Bokeh Street Lights
Traffic Lights Bokeh
Colorful Garden Flowers
Garden Flowers
Man on scooter
People on bridge
Relaxation activity
Girl taking photos
Eagle Sculpture Silhouette
Boy running on the streets
Woman walking on the street
Worker pending in mid-air
Girl walking on street
Karateka Woman
Lovers Outdoors
Girl in nature
Woman on bicycle
Young girl exercising outdoors
Young girl exercising
Young man running
Tree branches in Winter
Girls in park
Army Event
Shoes Hanging on a Wire
Cat Face - Up Close
Gymnast Training in the Park
Young man with phone
Young girl looking her phone
People walking on street
People walking in street on Christmas
People walking on street at Christmas time
Disney Christmas Decor
Helicopter flying
Walking in Autumn Landscape
Plane and birds
Computer monitor
Computer display
Skyscraper, plane and helicopter
Old man walking in the woods
Old man walking
Man with dogs
Outdoors Christmas Decor
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