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Mircea Iancu

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Retired, enthusiast of street photography but not only, donations can help me much to improve my work. Much more photos already uploaded you can find on:

Member since March 12th 2019

Latest Uploads

Old historical wall from red bricks
Rock texture
Person walking through the forest in the autumn
Dog standing on the ground
Two young women sitting and talking on a bench
People on elevator
Young couple walking hugging
Close up pigeon
Asiatic man sitting and watching his phone
Young couple holding hands, walking on alley
Homeless man sleeping
Woman with backpack walking on lakeshore
Adult couple walking and talking
Girl tanning on the grass
Sexy girl walking
Young girls crossing the street
Closeup coniferous twig with needles
Blonde girl walking on sidewalk
Conifer branch with green needles
Mauve flowers on lakeshore
Cityscape in Krakow, Poland
Pink rose flower
Young black man relaxing on the border of artesian wells
Three girls walking in the park
Female walking outside a commercial building
Winter landscape in a park with lake and trees
Low angle shot of two tall trees in the forest
Autumn landscape with sun rays in a forest
Person walking in front of a modern office building
People descending stair on a very narrow street
Girl with bicycle waiting for traffic lights
Two young women standing and talking outdoors
Young girls riding an electric scooter
Little girl with a bag of chips
Woman drawing on asphalt with a piece of chalk for her daughter
White and black cat sitting among plants
Pink and blue flowers in a garden
Young girl with shoulder purse walking
Bride and groom posing on the lakeshore
Young girl walking with her dog
Young woman walking with her dog
Young girl watching her phone while walking on alley
Young couple sitting down ant looking in smartphones
Young woman with mauve dress walking
Turtles and ducks on lake water
Coot walking on the edge of a lake
Lake and people relaxing in a park
Spring landscape
Young girl watching her phone while sitting on a chair at a terrace
Young girl reading a book
Young girl reading a book
Young woman sitting on a chair by the lake
Uprooted tree in nature
Interior view of a military helicopter
Young girl sitting on bench, smoking and listening music
Young girl sitting on bench, smoking and listening music
Young woman crossing the street
Young girls walking on sidewalk
Young woman walking near artesian wells
Young woman walking near artesian wells
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