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Mircea Iancu

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Retired, enthusiast of street photography but not only, donations can help me much to improve my work.

Member since March 12th 2019

Latest Uploads

Parked electric scooter
Man in a boat
Courier carrying foods on bicycle
Conifer twigs near tree trunk
Women walking
Young couple walking in park
Young man dancing
Young woman cleaning windows
Girl walking
Girl sitting on bench in park
Old couple with face masks
Four boys with backpacks
Trees in a forest
Woman with her dog walking in park
Girl photographing her friend
Elderly man driving bicycle
Brown dog walking on the ground
Birds swimming and flying above a lake
Tree rows in a forest
Warsaw cityscape
Sexy girl walking
Autumn landscape in a forest
Interior design in a big commercial building
Decoration with an inflatable dinosaur
Coniferous trees in a park
Aquatic plants in a park
Young man with his daughter riding bikes
Woman with baby walking in the park
Bush on the lakeshore in a park
Gendarmes on horseback patrolling in the park
Shrub and trees in a park
Young tourist female posing near a historical building
Beautiful historical church facade
Nature landscape
Woman walking
Two girls talking on a terrace
Skyscape with flying birds
Young girl with earphones on the street
Girl with earphones on street
Brown dog sniffing plants in park
Park landscape in the autumn
Shrub branches with leaves and fruits in the autumn
Conifer branch with rusty leaves above lake water
Fish swimming in an aquarium
Young man stopped and thinking on the street
Castle tower seen through the trees
Young man (boy) taking photos
Person walking on a bridge in the park
Person walking with two leashed white dogs
Pigeon among plants on the ground
Scorched tree on the lake shore
Baboon walking in the zoo yard
Branches with rusty leaves in the forest in the autumn
Mother photographing her little girls
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