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Michele Moss

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Biography: Photography has always been my passion especially focusing on details, close-up and macro, nature, wildlife, and almost anything I can capture from a different perspective. I enjoy showing people the wonders in the world around them that they may otherwise never see. Like a good book, pictures can take you anywhere to see anything and everything.

Member since July 29th 2018

Latest Uploads

Milkweed Seeds in Pod
Milkweed Seeds Leaving Pods
Milkweed Seed Pods
Spider on Milkweed Seed Silk
Closeup of Fluffy Milkweed Seed Ball
Fluffy Ball of Milkweed Seeds
Fluffy Milkweed Seeds
Milkweed Seed Balls
Milkweed Seeds
Milkweed Pods
Milkweed Seed Pod
Ant on a Milkweed Seed Pod
Milkweed Latex
Ants on a Milkweed Flower
Milkweed Flower
Bright Yellow Chrysanthemum
Painted Chrysanthemum
Burnt Orange Chrysanthemums
Burnt Orange Chrysanthemum
Lily with Pollen
Lavender Chrysanthemum
Gold Chrysanthemum
Sunflower Bud
Two-tailed Swallowtail Butterfly
Two-tailed Swallowtail Butterfly
Silvery Blue Butterfly
Orb Spider in the Sun
Orb Spider
Grasshopper on Tomato Plant
Grasshopper on a Corn Stalk
Dragonflies Resting
Dragonfly Resting
Cat face spider - Araneus gemmoides
Yellow Poppy
Pink Poppy
Pink Poppy with Raindrops
Orange Poppy
Orange Poppy
Pink Hollyhock with Pollen
Pink Hollyhock
Peaches 'n Dreams Hollyhock
Hollyhock Doll Centerpiece
Dark Pink Hollyhock
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