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Dana Tentis

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Remote Webshop Manager & Foodie Tag my pics @ #danatentis

Member since December 2nd 2017

Latest Uploads

Avocado Toast
Seascape in Zakynthos Island
Olive oil and Olives Background Mock-up
Bat Close up
Club Sandwich with Fries
Dakos, Tomato, Olives, Olive Oil
Salad Bowl
Cheese Platter
Plated Matcha Cake Dessert
Pasta with Shrimps
Chocolate Dessert in Glasses
Red Gifts Bag on Snow
Road lying ahead in the Forest Greece
Myrtos Beach Aerial View Greece
Seascape in Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia Island of Greece
Ammes Beach Sunset in Kefalonia Greek Island
Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia Island
Sunset in Ammes Beach - Kephalonia Greek Island
Zucchini Wraps with Fish Fillet and Rosemary
Music Zen Symbol
Girl in the Boat by the Shipwreck Greek Tourist Destination
Yoga Pose Silhouette by the Sea
Port Details In the Island Of Lefkada Greece
Glass of Water by The Sea Sunset
Girl Looking Away with a Scarf on the Mouth and leaning by a Tree
Still Seascape with Trees and benches
Tomato Salad by the Sea with Boat in the Background
Toddler Running in the Park in Fall
Child Silhouette Splashing Water over Sunset in the Sea
Door with Flower and Windows in Tinos Island of Greece
Sunset Colors by the Sea with Blue and orange details
Sunset Scenery of the Sea with Red and Orange Colors
Sunset Silhouettes by the Sea in Greece facing Zakynthos Island
Sunset Silhouettes of Sunbeds and Umbrellas by the Sea
Sunbeds and Umbrellas Details by the Sea in Greece
Woman Splashing Water in the Sea
Man Splashing Water in the Sea
Girl and Fall Leaves, Smiling and Playing
Woman Splashing Hair in the Sea
Asphalt Road in the Forest with Trees on both Sides
Christmas Tree with Golden and Red Balls
Beautiful Girl Lying in The Fall Leaves, looking at the Camera
Girl By The Sea in Greece
Myrtos Beach Kefalonia Island Shore Sea
Pink Macarons
Tomato Egg Pasta Pan
Pasta Bowl with Bolognese on a Cracked Paint Wood
Beautiful Girl Lying on Fall Leaves
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