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Mili Vigerova

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I am photographer, graphic designer, illustrator and art director based in Slovakia. If you like my portfolio, pleasegive photo a like or support my work by donating any amount you want. instagram : milivanilily find my full portfolio at :

Member since February 9th 2015

Latest Uploads

Wild Grass Closeup
Wild Grass Closeup
Fresh Flower
Wild Flower
Road in the Village
In the Village
Wild Grass Field
Bike in the Field
Wild Grass
Wild Grass
Wild Plants
Playing kitty
Home Cactus
Home Cactus
Home Cactus
Black and white cat
Sea port
Airport runway
Aerial view of Budva
Old buddha statue
Boats on sea
Tropic flowers in the water
Cat licking paw
Seeping cat
playful cat
Pink rose flower
Green leaves
Grass texture
Water lily flower
Shells on gold texture
Tiny pink flowers
Palm leaf texture
Water drops on green plant
Tiny leaves
Red Rose Macro
Marco dandelion
Chinese symbol on pressed tea
Metal ornament
Wasp in the garden
Stalks in the wind
Palm leaf
Peacock feather macro
Cactus in a handmade pot
incense sticks bourning
Colombo beach
Jungle beach Sri Lanka
meadows and hills
Mountain lake in Mallorca
Sand dune
Green plant leaf with water drops
Dandelion Up Close
Peacock feather
Grean leaf structure
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