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francesco scanagatta

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Group of swans
Swans in a channel
Two swans
Clouds on the lake
Clouds and mountains
Lake before a thunderstorm
Lake from a wet window of a car
Ancient abandoned city
Small church reflected on the lake
Mountain lake
Sun on the lake
Ancient villa
Ancient circular fountain
Small Waterfall
Waterfall on stone
Mountain view
Moutain trail
Trees and downhill
Mountain Passage
Footpath in stone
Footpath and trees
Stone footpath
Stone and rocks
Mountain and trees
Mountain views
Great stone
Altar Knotto view
Landscapes of Altar Knotto
View landscape of natural altar
Ancient gates
Gate Spikes
Garden Gate
Open gate
Old gate
Stone Wall
Wall and trees
Wall in tree garden
Rocks canyon
Rocks and water
Shadows on the river
River, rock and trees
Canyon and river
River and sky
Ripples on canyon
Sky on water
Tree on board of canyon
Reflection on water
Reflected in the river
Reflected in the canyon
Water and stones
Drawings on the rocks
Rocks in the water
Rocks emerge from the water
Shadows on the water
Sun and branches
Sun through the clouds
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