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Jillian Haldeman

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30/f American living in New Zealand. My passion is writing, music and so much more. You could call me quite the nerd. I dabble in photography when I get the chance.

Member since January 16th 2013

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Hi There

January 16th 2013

News for this week is that i just turned 30, and i'm almost ready to publish my first book under my pseudonym Hanako Stephens.  I'm also happy to announce i'm shoving all my stock photos in a regular place that's easy to find!  :) 

Latest Uploads

Clouds at Doctors Point
Flowers At Doctors Point
Yellow Flower
Shed at Doctors Point
View of Shed
Tires and Grass
Paua Ball
Ladder and Stairs
Strong wooden bowl
Plant and sculpture
Wood Deck
Wild Plants
Stormy Weather
Cloudy Weather
Paint on the Wall
Color Spots
Color Spots
Grungy Texture
Grungy Texture
Yellow Flowers
Fish and Chips
2005 Halls of Residence Procession
2012 December Graduation
Hills of Dunedin
Showcase Please
Up the rails
Old Ratty Rabbit
Rag Dolls 2
Rag Dolls
Presbyterian Hall
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