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Janis Urtans

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Well I love to take photos and if they may be useful for someone it is even better My e-mail if someone wants to get some additional information: [email protected] or [email protected]

Member since December 6th 2012

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Error 80

January 24th 2019

I mostly use my canon 70d for making videos, but as you see time to time to make some beautiful photos. I just wanted to share with you my recent experience. In 2018 October, while I was recording a video my camera froze for the first time. At that point I thought that is it, because it didnt turn off or on.. but after 20 minutes it started to work again. I looked on the internet and noticed that it could be error 80, so I tried to record another video and this time I looked on secondary display and noticed that it is because of error 80. 

First I looked on the internet for more information and noticed that canon has recalled and are repairing for free cameras if their serial number starts with x-22, and mine started with 22, so those were a good news, but just to make sure I have got everything right I tried to contact Canon Europe via internet, I trued to reach them 3 times using 3 different emails and didnt got any response to neither of those emails - so a huge boo to support service of that, i was really disappointed. After 2 months I chose to not wait any longer and write an email to local official canon service Canon IB serviss Latvia, and they replied me within  a day so I brought my camera to them.Thanks to God, they were well aware of this issue and repaired my canon 70d without any additional fees since my camera was out of warranty , so I am really happy about this. So lets hope Canon Europe starts to focus more on people and improve their staff, but overall very good experience for me, since not many companies does $400 fixes, when their products are out of warranties not just acknowledging that they could do better, but actually doing better! 

Canon 70d

May 26th 2016

Worst thing ever is that as always on this site, I write a lot and site kick me out because of "timeout", but I click post, and so I have to write everything form the beginning.
You may wonder where I have been last few months, my answer- a lot of basic works, some work after than so I can survive, although I can't say that I am not blessed, I am! I may not be rich, but I am happy and feeling really happy for things which happening around me!As well school ( magister degree) takes a lot of time, but I will graduate soon! And it has been also blessing to me, since because of may hard studies, I now got 5x100 Eur scholarship. Since I spend most of money for basic things, I usually don't have too much for my hobbies, but I deiced to take this money aside and now I am like 75% till my target - a new canon 70d camera with a basic lens 18-135 IS. Together it cost smth like 900-1000 eur, so I am not too far from it ( I know there is 80d out, but it is like 300 EUR more than 70d and that is a lot!) 
So be patient , because I really hope that within 3-4 months I will can share with you some new photos of mine! :)

Good luck to you all guys, hope you have a nice day!


April 23rd 2014

It's been while sine I wrote anything, but I haven' t been inactive at all. Well year 2013 was very interesting and full of contrasts for me, but for sure I did take some good shots.   I actually did a lot, I worked for free 2 months on board, I met love of my love, I smashed my car against wild boar, I improved my photography skills, I passed all exams and kind a completed studies in maritime transportation. All of my brothers got married, I learned a lot about car repairing and my YouTube channel growth a lot. SO many things happened in last year! And on top of it in last year two people actually donated me money for my works. Those were surely days when I thought, hey, maybe I do have a little talent in photography and gave me extra boost for rest of the year!   A lot of things happened in 2013 and I put my all hopes in 2014, that it is going to be even way more awesome than 2013 and I really hope that within end of 2014 I will have some extra money to buy some decent DSLR camera so I can surprise you guys with something new!

I havent posted anything for some time!

April 23rd 2013

So here it goesI just wanted to let you know that I actually ordered canon sx50hs, so lets hope it will bring me and probably for you too some nice photos. If I have to compare it with my old fujifilms 2800, I guess you will can see a huge difference in photos, especially bcos I will be able to make photos in raw format! I actually ordered this canon camera more for my youtube videos than photography , but I think I will be able to make some good pics as well, bcos of 50x optical zoom I will be able to take some unique shots.  

Happiest day so far!

January 25th 2013

 So I was kind an active kind a not. More inactive than active. And because of that I didn't do almost anything to improve my skills as well photos. It is not as I haven't learnt anything, I have learnt quite a few things how to work with raw photos and how to adjust my cameras weak software so photos looks exactly or close to exactly as objects and things in the real life.  So yeah this article is not about it, but about some unexpected surprise! Yesterday I was going through my emails and I found out an interesting email. It said that I have received a donation from  Mr. J.P.Cerveau, and I am really thankful for it, since I am for quite some time already collecting money for a new camera, but yeah in my case for GoPro hero 3 (silver or black edition) and every help is good. This donation not only made my day, but as well gave me additional impulse to think for some new ideas. Well I already have some in my mind and I am about to get Nikon D3100 camera for some time so I am about to learn how to use it as well I hope to make some good shots.  Overall I am really thankful for it and I felt really honored that someone appreciate what I have done, and I hope some of my photos have been useful.  As well if any one can give me some ideas, feel free and just let me know, because right now I am open for that! As well I really appreciate that you are actually downloading my photos, it also boost my motivation and gives a direction! So yeah that is also great way how you can and you are supporting me so thanks any one, I hope my pictures have been useful at least some of them!      

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