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Clifford M. Kinsman

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This is a collection of pics of my catfish and whatever else I feel like uploading pics of! :)

Member since October 28th 2012

Latest Uploads

Horse Face Catfish
Sperata or catfish from behind
Raphael Catfish (Platydoras armatulus)
Raphael Catfish face
Alien Catfish
Pleco skeleton
Tired Prairie Dog
Geese chatting
Monster Catfish Pond
River Monsters Hiding!
Baby Sorubim lima catfish
Montana Crayfish
Sorubim in hiding
Gang of Goldfish
Marble Catfish Skeleton
Baby ID shark
Forbidding Skies
Fish schooling
Monster Skull Collection
Huge rocks in the river
A river runs through it
Truss-ell behind the dam
Old abandoned dam
Light no more
Kudzu Valley
River from the top
Modern ruins over looking a river
Factory ruins
Factory ruins pt. 2
Collapsed wall
Twisted rusted metal
Factory Road
Hanging by a thread
From inside the ruins
3 stories of destruction
Haunted ruins
Nile Crocodile Skull
Ground Water Seeping Out
Pink Rose
Blonde bombshell
Water bed
Shadow of the Tree Serpent
Tree serpant
Naked glory
Dog Days
Guardian Garden Angels
The simple life
Banjo catfish skull (Bunocephalus coraco
Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)
Banjo Catfish
Siberian Tiger Skull
Mountain Viscacha
Redtail Catfish Skull
Sunset on the pond
Middle of nowhere
Heron and Pelican fishing
Window Cat
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