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Geoffrey Whiteway

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Amateur photographer from Canada. I enjoy science, landscape and nature photography. You can see more of my photos at the following site:

Member since August 30th 2012

Latest Uploads

Bald Eagle
Wood Duck
Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle with blue sky
Bald Eagle Flying
Bald Eagle with wings extended
Bald Eagle in flight
Riding out the rain
Natures crystal balls
A fly on grass
Coastal Icebergs
Seal on Ice
Resting Seal
Fishing boats on slipway
Test tubes containing media
Test tubes cantaining media
Acetic acid in a reagent bottle
Organic chemical toluene
Distilled water
Black and red tulips
Yellow and purple tulips
White and purple tulip
Wave breaking on a rocky out crop.
Ocean wave
Large wave
Wave crashing on coastal rocks
Flying ducks
Wood Duck swimming
Long-billed Dowitcher
Long-billed Dowitcher scratching
Long-billed Dowitcher grooming
Flowers of the Pin Cherry Tree
Corrosion of iron
Wood surface background
Weathered concrete
Metal surface
Rubber surface
Red tulips
Red and white tulip
Beautiful Pin Cherry Flowers
St. Marks Square at sunset
Pussy willow with water droplets
Mallard duck in the rain
Mixing reagents
Dissolved oxygen test
Determining dossolved oxygen
Scaup Duck
Female Scaup
Male Wood Duck
Snow shovels
Walking trail
Feral Pigeon
Cuvettes and a reagent bottle
Ocean fog
Pussy Willow
Wood Duck
Northern Gannet with wings extended
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