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Geoffrey Whiteway

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Amateur photographer from Canada. I enjoy science, landscape and nature photography. You can see more of my photos at the following site:

Member since August 30th 2012

Latest Uploads

Leaf Beetle
Osprey fishing
Mycena mushroom
Rain drops on a spider web
Butter and eggs flower
Spruce tooth mushroom
Red mushroom
Snipe fly
Hover fly
Common tern
Common tern flying
Common tern looking for food
Honey Bee
Honey bee collecting nectar
American Wigeon
Baby duck
Lone ducklings
Baby ducklings swimming
Atlantic Ocean Wave
Waves breaking
Big wave
Large breaking wave
Cormorant swimming
Cormorant landing
Cormorant drying its wings
Pigeon flying
Pigeon landing with wings out
Pigeon landing with wings back
Bufflehead ducks
Male and female Bufflehead Ducks
Flying Buffleheads
mallard duck
mallard duck
mallard duck
mallard duck
mallard duck
mallard duck
mallard duck
mallard duck
mallard duck
Large wave
Waves breaking
Ocean wave
Wave near the shoreline
North Atlantic wave
Paint colors on canvas
Red and white
Circles of different colors
Light tower
Looking up at a light tower
Drill pipes
Ring-billed seagull
Ring-billed gull with golf ball
Offshore drilling platform
Drill rig
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