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Geoffrey Whiteway

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Amateur photographer from Canada. I enjoy science, landscape and nature photography. You can see more of my photos at the following site:

Member since August 30th 2012

Latest Uploads

Forget Me Not
Mountain Bluet
 Walking Path in Garden
Methanol Bottle and Chemical Structure
Ethanol Bottle and Chemical Structure
Benzene - Bottle and Chemical Structure
Amber and Vials
Cuvettes containing red, blue, and yellow solutions
Flask and adapter
Flask and condenser
Gas chromatography column
Gas chromatography column front view
Gas chromatography column side view
Solid phase extraction cartridges
Amber Vial
Amber Vials
Gooch Crucible
Erlenmeyer flask
Chemistry flask
Separatory funnels
A beaker
Three different beakers
Flat Bottom Flask
Distillation Flask
Small fishing dock
Fishing Boat on Dock
Dock Crib
Empty test tubes in a beaker
Colored solutions in test tubes
Drill Rig - Newfoundland and Labrador - Canada
Drill rig and fishing boat
Drill rig near shore
Drill rig and supply vessel
Drill rig at night
Stack with blue sky background
Stack and tower
Industrial tower
Hoverfly on Flower
Masonry Stone Fence
Lupins and a street sign
Test tubes in a beaker
Chemical glassware - bottles and test tubes
Industrial Pipes and Towers
Large stack at refinery
Industrial Towers
Two industrial towers
Industrial Complex
Shooting Range
Standing area of a shooting range
Old Roof shingles
Fly on a yellow flower - Macro
Mosquito Macro
Fly on a white and yellow flower
Hoverfly on Yellow Flower - Macro
Macro of a Marsh Fly
Salted Cod
Sun-dried salted codfish
Path to the Lighthouse
Rose Blanche Lighthouse
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