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Photo of Single or divorced woman alone missing a boyfriend
Photo of Red arrow And dollar finance decline graph- Stock image
Photo of Broken with grief man dog owner is grieving sitting on a bench with the lovely pet collar and deep weeping about animal loss. Home pets relatives and love concept.
Photo of Broken with grief female dog grieving owner holding the lovely pet collar and deep weeping about animal loss. Home pets relatives and love concept.
Photo of man defeated by his shadow boxing
Photo of Unhappy Woman Suffering from Post-Partum Depression
Photo of Dollar sign blowing away
Photo of Money Down Drain
Photo of Tired runner laying on track
Photo of Stressed businessman looking down at falling down arrow sitting next to a successful guy working on laptop under money rain
Photo of Wooden model toy of a human jaw with a missing tooth on pink background
Photo of Depressed frustrated trader tired of overwork or stressed by bankruptcy
Photo of Unhappy women is on dieting time, girl do not want to eat vegetables.
Photo of Burning Euro banknotes falling down
Photo of Upset frustrated young man holding reading postal mail letter
Photo of providence
Photo of Desperate girl suffering insomnia trying to sleep
Photo of Food waste problem, leftovers Thrown into into the trash can. Spoiled food in refuse bin. Spoiled oranges and apples close up. Ecological issues. Garbage. Concept of food waste reduction. From above.
Photo of Shot of a young man lying in bed and looking unhappy at home
Photo of Depression-sadness, loss of appetite
Photo of Man hiding under laptop
Photo of A paper with profits and losses
Photo of Stressed businessman feeling desperate on crisis stock market, investment concept.
Photo of Wooden blocks with percentage sign and down arrow, financial recession crisis, interest rate decline, risk management concept
Photo of Young healthy girl on home scales
Photo of Be of those who lend a hand where they can
Photo of Downwards glowing red arrow on grey statistic grid background
Photo of Expired Organic bio waste. Mix Vegetables and fruits in a huge container, in a rubbish bin. Heap of Compost from vegetables or food for animals.
Photo of Slim girl with centimeter on white
Photo of Data Leak Concept with Software Binary Code Flowing from Faucet Tap - Abstract Background Texture
Photo of Exhausted tired businessman with stickers on eyes sleeping at workplace
Photo of Depression
Photo of Shot of a young businessman looking stressed while working in a modern office
Photo of Gain and loss bags on a basic balance scale on a blackboard. Capital investment gain and loss, financial concept, depicts balancing between profit and loss while managing assets e.g bonds, stocks, derivatives, ETFs
Photo of Business man showing his empty pockets
Photo of Portrait of an attractive woman at table grabbing her head
Photo of Stressed man losing money in a casino
Photo of Crisis Concept. Money Flow in Black Hole
Photo of Money falling in a manhole
Photo of Healthy fit girl measuring her waist with measuring tape in the kitchen
Photo of decrease of sales and profit, bankruptcy business concept
Photo of Facepalm. Portrait of desperate brunette man covering face with hand. indoor studio shot isolated on orange background
Photo of Sad distraught woman in her room at home.
Photo of wasting water - water leaking from hole in a hose
Photo of Female leg stepping on weigh scales. Healthy lifestyle, food and sport concept.
Photo of Full length shot of an attractive young female athlete looking dejected while sitting on the track after a race
Photo of Upset frustrated man holding forehead with hand, making facepalm gesture, lost all his money, forget about date, big failure
Photo of Alzheimer Disease
Photo of Young black woman having troubles accounting taxes
Photo of Young woman in sensory deprivation tank

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