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Free stock image of Sequoia Big Foot created by Michael Kirsh

Sequoia Big Foot

The base of this Sequoia resembles the foot of a very large animal and illustrates just how massive these trees are. The sequoias trees, which are conifers, are part of old growth forests which are shared by both Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. One of them, the Giant Forest, contains several of the world's largest trees, including both the General Sherman and General Grant Trees. The General Sherman Tree, the largest in the park, is the Earth's largest living single stem tree. It is 275 feet high with a 25 feet wide trunk, and is about 2500 years old. While visiting this park, one can hike to 1,200 foot high Tokopah Falls via a path following the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River or climb a 400 foot stairway to Moro Rock. This park also includes the 14,505 foot high Mt Whitney, the highest mountain and elevation in both California and the lower forty eight US states. In January 2006, a branch over 7 feet wide broke off the General Sherman Tree and did extensive damage to the walkway around the tree. Luckily no one was around to witness this and it is believed that this phenomenon is not indicative of any further events of such nature from this tree.

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