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Free Texture Friday – Old Stone Wall

by Bjorgvin → September 19th 2014

Todays textures are from an old Icelandic stone wall that was probably a part of a structure many years ago. The rock wall is handmade and close to the sea. With time moss and lichens have created another dimension of colors and texture. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (19Mb) Did you like [...]

Free iPhone 6 Templates, Mockups and PSDs

by Eric Shafer → September 17th 2014

The iPhone 6 was revealed recently, and although stylistically, it’s relatively similar to the iPhone 5, it features a bigger screen while also becoming a thinner device, and it uses the new Retina HD display that has been a driving force in changing the design world recently. For designers, this means that when showcasing products, [...]

Spectacular Marine Life Photography

by Eric Shafer → September 15th 2014

The lakes, seas and oceans on Earth are full of diverse and strange creatures unlike anything else on the planet. Life has adapted for survival, and this includes techniques such as camouflage, barbs, defense mechanisms, swimming in schools and other techniques. Because of these different adaptations, marine life can both look and act quite strange. [...]

Free Texture Friday – Gritty Wall

by Bjorgvin → September 12th 2014

Hey guys, to make up for last week lack of free textures I’m sharing a double fix of gritty & grunge wall textures with you today. Below is a set of 10 high-res textures that you can download and add to your arsenal. For a quick download, use the copy.com download link at the bottom [...]

Elegant CSS3 Menus to Download and Use

by Eric Shafer → September 10th 2014

The functionality and design of the menu on a website is crucial. It’s where users manage their process of navigating your website, and it’s what helps them find the content they’re looking for and accomplish the tasks they want to, and ultimately fulfill the reason they came to your website. CSS3 has made menu design [...]

Chaos and Disorder in Photography

by Eric Shafer → September 8th 2014

Last week, we looked at how order and organization works well in photography and creates a naturally appealing visual for the eye to look at. However, not everything in the world is organized and orderly, in fact, many things behave chaotically and are wild, unpredictable and disordered. These concepts can also play well in photography, [...]

Useful Lightroom Presets to Enhance Your Photographs

by Eric Shafer → September 3rd 2014

Lightroom is one of the most popular image editing programs out there, and with good reason: it has a large suite of tools for enhancing, editing and altering photographs. Lightroom is non-destructive, so it doesn’t erase the original image. One of Lightroom’s great features is the ability to use presets, which are basically a set [...]

Perfectly Orderly and Organized Photographs

by Eric Shafer → September 1st 2014

The human mind naturally appreciates order, which is essentially a sensible arrangement of objects, items, concepts or other subjects. Commonly, lists are ordered from low to high (or vice versa), images can be ordered from darkest to lightest, or objects from smallest to largest. The brain views order as a way of making sense of [...]

Free Texture Friday – Raw Red Meat

by Bjorgvin → August 29th 2014

Todays textures are raw and fleshy with a narrow range of focus. I shot these delicious beef steaks with my 100mm macro lense, and the result is a landscape of dark read meat. I’m pretty sure they are perfect for some projects out there. Download the set below or click the individual picture. Enjoy! Download [...]

Out of this World Futuristic Sci-Fi Fonts

by Eric Shafer → August 27th 2014

Science fiction captures the imagination and minds of millions around the world, because it shows us things that may not be possible now, but might be in the future, or it shows us an alternate view of the world, or creates a sensationalized technological world around us. Science fiction usually combines elements of modern society, [...]

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