Free Texture Friday – Mixed Wood

by Bjorgvin → December 19th 2014

Today I have a set of mixed vintage wood textures that you can use for your next project. They also work well as backgrounds or overlays. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from (65.1Mb) Did you like these textures? Let us know by leaving a comment, and you can even post a link if [...]

Festively Decorated Christmas Trees

by Eric Shafer → December 17th 2014

It’s Christmas time, which means around the world, children are preparing for Santa’s arrival, parents are doing their final Christmas shopping, and decorated Christmas trees grace the halls of many houses. Christmas trees have been a part of Christmas celebrations for a long time, as a mix of a variety of religious and secular celebrations [...]

30 Well Executed Examples of Selfies

by Eric Shafer → December 15th 2014

Much to the dismay of many, selfies are one of the most popular and commonly uploaded types of images on the web. Ever since the introduction of cameras on phones, and the growth in social media profiles, people have desired to have a variety of pictures to use as their profile pictures. Simply put, a [...]

Free Texture Friday – Grunge Overlays 2

by Bjorgvin → December 12th 2014

Today I have a new set of grunge overlay textures that you can use to create a vintage effect in your photos and design. The textures are high res and very detailed, making them perfect as overlays. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from (55.1Mb) Did you like these textures? Let us know by [...]

Useful jQuery Menu Plugins and Scripts

by Eric Shafer → December 10th 2014

jQuery is one of the many useful web languages that can help provide various enhancements to your website. Animated menus, loaders, mouseovers and other effects are all created using jQuery. Because it’s based off of Javascript, jQuery can be quite intense to modify and create, so most developers rely on plugins and other existing scripts [...]

30 Gorgeous Photos of Pine Trees

by Eric Shafer → December 8th 2014

Pine trees are some of the most common trees in the Northern Hemisphere, especially across the USA, Europe and Russia, and they feature needles as opposed to larger, flatter laves seen on other trees. Pine trees are perhaps most known for being the popular choice for Christmas trees, due to their ability to hold ornaments, [...]

Free Texture Friday – Seaweed 2

by Bjorgvin → December 5th 2014

Today I’m giving away 5 HQ textures of seaweed between rocks which I photographed near the ocean. I hope you can find some good use for them. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from (44.3Mb) Did you like these textures? Let us know by leaving a comment, and you can even post a link [...]

Fresh and Instructional Photoshop Tutorials

by Eric Shafer → December 3rd 2014

Keeping your design skills fresh is key to staying up to date with the latest graphic design trends and being able to produce quality work for clients when needed. While we all aim to have a steady flow of work in a variety of niches, many of us either go periods without many projects to [...]

30 Amusement-Packed Carnival Photographs

by Eric Shafer → December 2nd 2014

Carnivals are collections of shows, rides, food vendors and other attractions that are designed to provide fun and excitement in a variety of ways. They can feature actors, dancers and other attractions too. Most often, carnivals travel, and include things such as ferris wheels, carnival games like hammer swinging, foods such as popcorn and cotton [...]

Free Texture Friday – B&W Moss and Rocks

by Bjorgvin → November 28th 2014

Todays set of textures feature moss and lava rocks which can be found in vast areas around where I live in Iceland. Playing around with the images in Lightroom made me realize that they can be useful as textures and backgrounds with lots of detail. I hope you enjoy them! Download all textures as ZIP [...] is a stock photo sharing website where photographers & designers can share their free photos, for non-commercial usage.

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