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Mind Bending Surreal Photography

by Eric Shafer → July 28th 2014

Surrealism is a niche art field, that combines reality with fantasy in a noticeably bizarre way that seems as though the real world has taken on some dreamlike or strange properties. Perhaps best known in the field of surrealist art is Salvador Dali, but other artists such as Chirico and Max Ersnt also helped define [...]

Free Texture Friday – Worn Wood Panels 2

by Bjorgvin → July 25th 2014

Hello, for todays textures we continue the Worn Wood Panels set with a new black and white set of panels. Like before the textures are from an old shed down by the sea, that’s been subjected to harsh weather conditions for years. Enjoy the textures! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (33Mb) Did you [...]

Fitting Examples of Packaging Design

by Eric Shafer → July 23rd 2014

A package needs to fit the product that it contains. A package can consist of a variety of elements, from a simple label and wrapping, to a solid container or surrounding case, cup or box. In multiple ways though, the package needs to fit. First, the package must be capable of containing and protecting the [...]

Breathtaking Photographs of Urban Life and Cities

by Eric Shafer → July 21st 2014

Cities are known for hustle and bustle and the noise and activity of every day life for millions of people. New York City, for example, is known as the city that never sleeps, and cities are home to a large percentage of the worlds population. Cities are technically just large, densely populated clusters of buildings, [...]

Free Texture Friday – Old Worn Stone Wall

by Bjorgvin → July 18th 2014

We’re back this week with another great set of grungy stone textures. Like I’ve told you before, I love these kind of images and there’s plenty of decaying walls around in the town I live in. Luckily for you too, the images are high res and full of nice details. Happy downloading! Download all textures [...]

Terrifying and Fierce Dragon Artworks

by Eric Shafer → July 16th 2014

Dragons are perhaps the most well known fantasy creatures, and appear not only in modern fantasy literature, movies and art, but also were part of historical mythology in ancient Greece, India, Persia, and China. A dragon is a ferocious creature that combines qualities from snakes and reptiles, usually of a large size, and frequently with [...]

Fun and Interesting Photographs of Puppets

by Eric Shafer → July 14th 2014

Puppets are artificial creations that resemble animals, people or other animate objects that are controlled by a manipulator. Puppets come in a variety of different types depending on the type of puppetry they are meant for. Types of puppetry involve finger puppets, which are controlled by a puppeteer’s fingers, sock puppets which are created using [...]

Free Texture Friday – Wooden Chips

by Bjorgvin → July 11th 2014

Hey guys, todays textures are close-up images of wood chips using my 100mm macro lens. We haven’t had many textures like this before, so it’s a great addition to our texture arsenal. Feel free to use them as you like, personal and commercial usage allowed. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (20Mb) Did [...]

DIY Photo Prop Guides for Better Photographs

by Eric Shafer → July 9th 2014

Props are a great way to add some fun to your photographs. Whether you’re a fashion photographer, portrait photographer or events photographer, being able to creatively and effectively use props is a valuable skill. Props are often most common in portrait photographs. Engagement and wedding photoshoots frequently feature props, as do holiday family photographs. However, [...]

30 Artistic and Rhythmic Dance Photographs

by Eric Shafer → July 7th 2014

Dance is an incredibly popular activity, and permeates modern culture in a variety of forms. From club and street dancing to ballroom and formal dancing, dance can serve as exercise, intimate expression, social interaction or for religious reasons. Archaeological evidence suggests dance has been a part of human society for a long time, existing since [...]

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