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Free Texture Friday – Grunge Metal 3

by Bjorgvin → April 17th 2015

Hey guys, I got some great grungy and rusted metal textures for you today. You’re free to use them for commercial work as well, just don’t redistribute. Have a great weekend! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (50.5Mb) Did you like these textures? Let us know by leaving a comment, and you can even [...]

Eyecatching Free Event Poster PSDs

by Eric Shafer → April 15th 2015

One of the best ways to promote an event is using flyers. Flyers catch people’s attention, and they can be taken (either as a whole, or with a tear off) as a way of being a reminder at a later time. To have a truly effective flyer marketing campaign, the flyer needs to be eyecatching [...]

Door Photographs that Invite You In

by Eric Shafer → April 13th 2015

Doors are an important part of architectural and structural design, as well as for functionality of buildings. Doorways are openings in a wall, usually large enough for people to pass through, that can have a moving divider that can open or close. Doors come in all shapes and sizes, such as wooden, wrought-iron, or even [...]

Free Texture Friday – Gritty Concrete Wall

by Bjorgvin → April 10th 2015

Todays textures are from an old gritty and dirty concrete wall that I edited with Photoshop to give it a old and vintage feel. I hope you can use them for something cool. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (53.5Mb) Did you like these textures? Let us know by leaving a comment, and [...]

Creative Music App Interface Designs

by Eric Shafer → April 8th 2015

One of the most popular types of applications, both web and mobile, are music applications. People love music, and especially being able to listen to it anywhere, anytime, whether they are on the go, or at their computer. As such, it’s important to have a creative app interface that is friendly for both mobile, web [...]

On The Road: 30 Road Trip Photographs

by Eric Shafer → April 6th 2015

One of the most common types of travel is taking a road trip, which is a trip by car or other vehicle using roadways in a given country to travel from destination to destination. Road trips can be of any length, but usually they are relatively long, involving travel on interstate highways or expressways, and [...]

Free Texture Friday – Rusted Metal 4

by Bjorgvin → April 3rd 2015

Todays pack of textures features gritty rusted metal textures that I shot yesterday at an abandoned industrial building. As always, these are nice as overlays and design elements, free for personal and commercial usage. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (68.5Mb) Did you like these textures? Let us know by leaving a comment, [...]

Creative Transparent Business Card Designs

by Eric Shafer → April 1st 2015

In the world of business card design, having a uniquely designed business card is one of the best ways to help a client stand out against their competition. There’s a few ways this can be done, such as having brightly colored cardstock, using die cut uniquely shaped cards, or using letterpress or foil stamping to [...]

Majestic Photographs of Migrating Birds

by Eric Shafer → March 30th 2015

Like some other animals on Earth, many types of birds migrate from one area to another during a given year. The migration is usually seasonal, with changes between breeding grounds and wintering grounds where the weather is more pleasant during the cold season. The migration is most often driven by the desire to be able [...]

Free Texture Friday – Smoke

by Bjorgvin → March 27th 2015

Hello, today I’m sharing with you a set of 10 smoke backgrounds I shot in a studio with a smoke machine. The backgrounds are abstract and detailed, perfect as backgrounds or overlays in your next design project. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (22.5Mb) Did you like these textures? Let us know by [...]

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