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Free Texture Friday – Rust and Stone

by Bjorgvin → April 18th 2014

Todays textures are from an old worn down shed by the sea that used to store nets and fishing tools back in the days. The salted sea, winds and weather have corroded the metal plates and time has weakened the concrete foundations. But for us it’s a treasure, and the images can be applied to [...]

Festive Easter Freebie Resources to Download

by Eric Shafer → April 16th 2014

Easter is just around the corner, and like with any major holiday, it means that designers will be hard at work designing custom websites, banners and flyers, and other materials for the holiday in order to promote events or businesses. Easter has some very well known symbols associated with it. Aside from the Christian symbols [...]

Abstract Art in the Simple Leaf

by Eric Shafer → April 14th 2014

Leaves are pretty much all around us. They are some of the most important organs of plants, and are essential to life as we know it, because they help to produce oxygen through photosynthesis and maintain the proper balance of oxygen and other elements in the air. Leaves are organs of plants, that are designed [...]

Free Texture Friday – Vintage Paper 6

by Bjorgvin → April 11th 2014

Hey guys, today I have another set of paper textures that I’d like to share with you. They’re perfect for adding vintage effects to your illustrations, designs and scrapbooking projects. I’m positive that you can find good use for them. You can download the whole set via the download link at the bottom of this [...]

Awesome Free Fonts You Should Download

by Eric Shafer → April 9th 2014

Typography is used in almost all forms of design, whether it be logo design, graphic design, print design, or web design. Being able to express ideas not only through other design elements, but also through text, is one of the essential skills of a designer. However, it’s not just as simple as putting a basic [...]

Eyecatching Photographs of Green Insects

by Eric Shafer → April 7th 2014

Most of us view insects as at best, something to ignore, and usually as a pest or something that should be killed. Insects frequently are parasitic (such as bed bugs), or transmit disease (such as mosquitoes or flies), or destroy crops, and are viewed negatively around the world. However, insects act in many beneficial roles, [...]

Free Texture Friday – Fallen Straws

by Bjorgvin → April 4th 2014

Todays set of textures are pretty abstract and amazing. One one of my recent “texture hunt walks” I spotted a small field of old dead long grass or straws by the sea. I became fascinated by the details and abstractness and must have shot over 50 photos like the ones below (expect Vol. 2 soon). [...]

Awesome New CSS3 Tutorials to Try Out

by Eric Shafer → April 2nd 2014

CSS3 is one of the greatest advancements the web has made in terms of the ability to create advanced websites that function better and load faster. Rather than have to use images or Flash animation, CSS3 allows you to create a variety of designs, transitions, effects and more, all through just CSS3 (and sometimes a [...]

The Art of Flour

by Eric Shafer → March 31st 2014

When most people think of flour, they think of baking or cooking. Flour is a powder created from grinding foodstuffs until it is a fine, consistent powder. Flour is one of the most important ingredients in cooking, and is used in everything from breads and pastries to cheese sauces and crackers. Flour has some other [...]

Free Texture Friday – Worn Wood Panels

by Bjorgvin → March 28th 2014

Todays textures are from an old shed down by the sea, that’s been subjected to harsh weather conditions for years. The once painted wooden panel surface has become worn, dark and gloomy, perfect for texturelovers like us. Enjoy the free textures! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (24.7Mb) Did you like these textures? Let [...]

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