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bonnie l. mahaffey

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Moon Over the Mountains
Moon Peering Over the Great Western Divi
Redwood Meadow
Roadway in the Forest
Misty Mountains in Watercolor
Watchful Crow
Dark Forest
Flower in the Park
Solitary Dandelion
Weeds of Beauty
Leaf, Rocks, & Wood Chips
Tower in the Orange Grove
Jelly Beans
Magnified Madness
Splinter of Light
River Runs Dry
Pine Trees
Coffee Camp Stream
Swimming Hole
Boulder on Dome Rock in Needles
Sierra Foothills
Lone Pine in Needles
Red Roses
Rock Peaks in Needles
Top of Sierra Foothills
Bridge of Stones
Flume through the Foothills
Pine Tree
Waterfall in Ponderosa Pines
Pink Rose
Waterfall & Fountain
A Rose is Just a Rose
Beautiful Oak Tree
Oak Tree Closeup
Cousin of Elvira
Old Man & The Sea
Beautiful Goose
Flying to Oregon
Anyone Seen Garfield?
Garfield, where are you?
Orchard in the Fall
Little Brown Sammy in Tears
Blurred Night Vision
Mountain Peaks (Close-up)
Beautiful Hands in Blue
Church of Spain
Church Steeple
Flowing Blue Water
Flowing Through the Boulders
Home Sweet Home
Little Purple Flowers
Plants and Boulders
River Shore Boulders
Tall Pine Tree
Trickling Over the Rocks
Night Shadows
Sun on Pine Tree in Shadows
Peaceful River
Sundown Forest
Walkway in the Forest
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