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Jesus Baez

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The lights
The base
Red car - 3
Red car - 2
Red car - 1
Inside wheels
Carousel crest - 3
Carousel crest - 2
Carousel cresting - 1
Carousel horse
White carousel horse
Carousel Horsey -1
Prayers - 3
Prayers - 2
Prayers - 1
Passing time
Pebbles galore
The evil eye
Le Teeth of the Mask
The heavenly lights before the storm
The Garden
The Garden
The Garden
Wood crosshatch
The Garden
Blue flower
The Garden
Pink flowers
The Garden
Red and yellow flowers
White flowers
The Garden
The Garden
The Garden
Red Flowers
Fushcia Flower
White Flowers
Purple flowers
Bright red flowers
Water lily
The Garden
The Garden
Blue Lavender
The Garden
Seascapes vessels
Rope and pier timber
Detail of pier timber
Seascapes vessels
Seascapes vessels
Palm tree
Derelict pier roof and sky
Fishing Boat Pier
Fishing Boat
Misty palms
New house old ladder
Trouble at the sandbar
Gone with the winds
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