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Arshid Bin Basheer

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Banasura Sagar Dam Landscape
Waters of Banasura Sagar Dam
Mountain and Water of Banasura Sagar Dam
Amazing Mountain View and Blue Sky
Mountain and Clouds
Mountain Landscape and Blue Sky
Amazing view of blue sky and clouds
Deers in Muthanga, Wayanad
Amazing view of Mountains
Thorn of a Plant
White Taro Leaves
Lotus in Circular pool
Abandoned Egg in Nest
Monkey from Wayanad Churam
Baby Monkey
Cute Baby Monkey
Monkey feeding its Baby
Aerial view of Mountains, Wayanad, Kerala, India
Cute Baby Monkey Portrait
Monkey sitting and posing
Aerial view of Kerala, India
Aerial view of Mountains in India
Aerial view of Mountains
Kerala traditional stone sculpture
Kerala traditional sculpture
Cat and Kittens
Kittens Relaxing
Green Plant Leaves Closeup
Red Anthurium
White Pigeon Against Green Background
One eyed Cat
White Pigeon on Roof
White Pigeon Closeup
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