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Lindy Thibodaux

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Everything I create either starts with, or inspires, a color palette: graphic design, a line of knitting yarns, photo montages, wardrobe consultation, etc.

Member since January 15th 2016

Latest Uploads

Extreme Close-up of Yellow Iris Flower
Close-up of Japanese Maple Leaves with Raindrops
Black & White Bamboo Fountain with Rippling Water
Misty Waterfall with Dark Rocks in Foreground
Extreme Close-up of Variegated Hosta Leaf
White Male Turkey in Tall Grass with White Wildflowers
Extreme Close-up of White Turkey Feathers
Old Tree Silhouetted against Reflection of Green Trees in Water
Stormy Clouds Gathering
Profile of Old Bust of a Man
Mixed Spices Background
Rough Grey Stone Wall Texture
Uneven Stone Path with Moss
Curious Rooster on Split-rail Fence
Close-up of Red Leaf Lettuce
Bright Green & Red Japanese Maple Leaves
Close-up of Red Summer Drink in Clear Glass with Straw
Black & White Close-up of Rattan Trivet Design
Raked Gravel Surrounding Mossy Patch
Close-up of Bright Pink Rose
Pink Hydrangea with Ferns in Background
Close-up of Pink Hydrangea with Buds
Close-up of Pink Peony with Raindrops
Close-up of Coral Peony with Gold Center
Peachy-pink Rose Close-up
Mushrooms at Farmer's Market
Bright Green Moss Growing on Grey Stones
Sunlit Trees Reflected in Rippling Pond
Sunlit Japanese Maple Leaves with Dark Background
Koi Swimming through Reflected Trees
Japanese Maple Trees in Contrasting Colors
Close-up Inside Red Bamboo Umbrella
Woman's Hands Cupping a White Camellia Flower
Bright Hot Air Balloon with another Balloon in Background
Close-up of Hot Air Balloon with Blue Sky & Clouds
Trees Reflected in Rippling Pond Surface
Green Maple Leaves against Blue Sky
Ancient Gold Stone Mosaic Background
Fern Leaf over Gravel Path
Multicolored Farm-fresh Organic Eggs
Dark Trees with Blue Sky and Foliage
Closeup of Dandelion Flower
Extreme Close-up of Dandelion Flower
Close-up of Daisy with Dewy Petals
Close-up of Creme Brulee with Spoon
Coral & Gold Rosebuds with Raindrops
White Clouds & Blue Sky Background
Black & White Clothespin on Clothesline
Black & White Mixed Spices Background
Black & White Handmade Soap
Black & White Draped Cotton Fabric
Small Boy Standing on Ocean Beach
Pink Azaleas in Full Bloom
Apple Blossom Cluster
Allium Blossom Close-up
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