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Pixel Stretching with Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial by Björgvin Guðmundsson


This tutorial demonstrates how to stretch pixels using patterns.
This trick is very simple and best of all, it looks really cool. Made with Adobe Photoshop 6.01

Step 1.

First of all, start up Photoshop :)

Open the image you want to use to make this effect. Here is mine, feel free to use it.

Just right click and "save picture as"

Step 2.

Mark the area you want to stretch, using the guides.

(if you don't know how to get the guides, just click on the top ruler and drag down)

Step 3.

Zoom in to 1600% and select the Rectangular Marquee tool.

Drag a new guide to the area you want to duplicate. (so you know where the stretching starts)

Step 4.

Select the area with a 1 pixel thin selection and the height between your guides.

Step 5.

Keep the selection, and go to "Edit > Define Pattern".

...give it a name and click "Ok"

Step 6.

Make a new layer on top of the previous one, and select it.

Step 7.

Now select the area you want to fill with the Rectangular Marquee tool.

Step 8.

Go to "Edit>Fill"

(be sure to have the new layer selected)

Choose the pattern you made earlier.

See image below.

and click "Ok"


There you have it. Have fun!

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