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vaccine Stock Photos

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Photo of Portrait of a little boy with a plaster on his arm after an injection
Photo of Shot of a young doctor applying a band-aid after injecting her patient during a consultation in the clinic
Photo of Doctor Vaccinating Little Girl Close Up
Photo of vaccine and injection, 3d rendering
Photo of Shot of a doctor applying a plaster to her patients arm
Photo of Hands, medical and doctor with patient for vaccine in a clinic for healthcare treatment for prevention. Closeup of a nurse doing a vaccination injection with a needle syringe in a medicare hospital.
Photo of Medical disposable syringe for vaccine injection and glass vial.
Photo of Young Asia lady doctor giving Covid-19 or flu antivirus vaccine shot to senior male patient wear face mask protection from virus disease at health clinic.
Photo of Vaccination of senior person in hospital
Photo of Vaccination of patients in hospital against covid-19 pandemic
Photo of Elderly lady getting immunization via anti-viral vaccine.
Photo of Getting a Bandage After a Vaccine
Photo of Family vaccination
Photo of Shot of a doctor using a cotton ball on a little girl's arm while administering an injection in a clinic
Photo of This will all be over in a minute...
Photo of One unrecognizable doctor putting a patch on the little boy's shoulder after successful vaccination
Photo of Asian couple get vaccinated with bandage on arm show thumb up sign in living room.
Photo of Vaccine in researcher hands
Photo of Medical healthcare worker putting bandage on the female arm after covid-19 vaccination
Photo of old asian senior couple wearing face mask virus protection happiness cheerful show bandage injection covid-19 vaccinated with hand gesture point and confident for virus protection
Photo of Pregnant Black Lady Getting Vaccinated, Doctor Applying Adhesive Bandage
Photo of Several portraits in collage with diverse people after vaccination
Photo of Vaccination for booster shot for Smallpox and Monkeypox MPXV . Doctor with vial of roses vaccine for Monkeypox disease
Photo of Senior man bandaging vaccine on arm
Photo of senior woman holding red heart shape with  syringe and showing her arm with bandage after got vaccinated or inoculation due to spread of corona virus, population, social or herd immunity concept
Photo of Studio portrait mixed race girl showing a plaster on her arm Isolated against a yellow background. Cute hispanic child lifting her sleeve to show injection site for covid or corona jab and vaccination
Photo of Senior adult man getting vaccinated in doctor`s office
Photo of Flu or coronavirus vaccine
Photo of Pupil Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine Injection Sitting With Doctor Indoor
Photo of Portrait of a young woman with plaster on her arm after getting a vaccine.
Photo of Boy Receiving a Vaccination
Photo of Production of Covid-19 Vaccine Vials In Cold Storage
Photo of Covid-19 vaccination.
Photo of vaccination to a child
Photo of Bandage after applying vaccine
Photo of A medical hand in a glove holds an ampoule with a vaccine and a syringe with illustration
Photo of Brown Border Collie dog during visit in vet
Photo of Man showing his vaccinated arm with plaster, got COVID-19 vaccine
Photo of Boy Receiving a Vaccination During a Pandemic
Photo of 3d render. Pharmaceutical manufacture background with glass bottles with clear liquid on automatic conveyor line. COVID-19 mRNA vaccine production platform.
Photo of Doctor making injection to senior patient in clinic
Photo of Doctor giving Covid vaccine to senior woman
Photo of Portrait of smiling little child with adhesive bandage on his hand after vaccination
Photo of Senior Patient Successfully Receiving Her Vaccination
Photo of doctor doing the covid 19 vaccine at home for omicron variant
Photo of Portrait of a vaccinated family
Photo of Vaccination for elders. A happy senior man sitting in the doctor's office and showing his arm with adhesive plaster after covid 19 vaccine.
Photo of Vaccine in laboratory - flu shot and Covid-19 vaccination
Photo of Couple showing their arms after getting vaccinated.
Photo of Happy vaccinated boy kid showing arm with adhesive bandage after vaccine injection standing against a blue studio background. Advertising vaccination against coronavirus. Child immunisation