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tragic Stock Photos

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Photo of Mother explaining to her family the emergency assembly point
Photo of A broken heart.
Photo of Emergency bag for earthquake
Photo of Emergency preparedness natural disaster supplies. Water, flashlight, lantern, batteries.
Photo of Emergency bag for earthquake
Photo of Father explaining to his family the emergency assembly point
Photo of Single or divorced woman alone missing a boyfriend
Photo of Doctor wheeling patient
Photo of Woman putting cans of food to prepare emergency backpack
Photo of Be of those who lend a hand where they can
Photo of Female patient at ental clinic
Photo of Emergency plan near a yellow folder and pen.
Photo of Mother preparing emergency backpack with her daughter
Photo of Young man comforting and supporting a sad woman who is in serious trouble at home, Consolation and encouragement concept
Photo of emergency backpack
Photo of modern ambulance car parked near the emergency entrance to the hospital in the daytime
Photo of Asian women holding a photo frame of lost loved one and crying.
Photo of Hand completing Emergency Preparation List by Equipment
Photo of Concept of Emergency Preparedness Plan.Businessman touching Emergency Plan icon to learn and prepare in emergency situation .Business Evacuation Training concept.
Photo of Nostalgic senior woman holding picture frame, standing by window at home.
Photo of Sad Couple Embracing, Comforting Each other in Difficult Times. Family Overcoming Difficulties Together, Tender Moment. Atmosphere of Sadness and Tragedy. Moment of Human Drama
Photo of Doctors running for the surgery
Photo of Hands, love and care touching in support, trust or unity for community, compassion or understanding. People holding hands in respect for loss, affection or passion for listening, talk or time
Photo of Couple checking ruins after fire disaster.
Photo of Emergency fund in the glass jar with cash.
Photo of Flood Protection Sandbags with flooded homes in the background (Montage)
Photo of Businessman pressing recovery on virtual screen. Internet and networking concept
Photo of Worker holding smart phone with emergency number
Photo of Middle aged asia people old mom holding hands trust comfort help young woman talk crying stress relief at home. Mum as friend love care hold hand adult child feel pain sad worry of life crisis issues.
Photo of Piggy Bank On Lifebuoy, 3d Render
Photo of Money jar
Photo of I'll always be here to support her
Photo of Red emergency siren urgency alert and security police attention light signal or beacon flash ambulance rescue danger alarm sign on car warning background with traffic glowing bulb accident. 3D render.
Photo of Burning candle and white calla on dark background with copy space. Sympathy card
Photo of Emergency backpack equipment organized on the table
Photo of Emergency fund savings written on the jar with money.
Photo of Emergency Plan, Motivational Words Quotes Concept
Photo of Sad senior old woman. Lonely from loss or sick with headache. Upset patient in retirement home with stress or pain. Alzheimer, depression, senility or dementia.
Photo of Two sad teens embracing at bedroom
Photo of closeup of 3 burning candles on abstract black background, contemplate celebration mood with blurry lights, festive concept with copy space
Photo of Shot of a senior man supporting his wife during a difficult time at home
Photo of Alarm bells and warning lights for avoiding fire. In public areas such as the MRT, railway stations, high-speed rail, and airports.In Asia.
Photo of Hand of young supportive man consoling his friend with post traumatic syndrome
Photo of Blur medical background clinic service counter lobby with patient paying bill at cashier desk  in hospital
Photo of Sad old woman. Depressed lonely senior lady with alzheimer, dementia, memory loss or loneliness. Elder person looking out the home window. Sick patient with disorder. Pensive grandma.
Photo of Medical staff pushing patient on medical gurney at emergency department, bottom view. Hospital emergency and healthcare workers
Photo of Mother explaining to her children how to use the radio in an emergency
Photo of Emergency Concept
Photo of Young man using phone with danger alert.
Photo of Paramedics taking patient on stretcher from ambulance to hospital 

Speeding ambulance,(blurred motion)