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negotiation Stock Photos

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Photo of close up on customer man hand pressing on smartphone screen with  five star rating feedback icon and press level good rank for giving best score point to review the service , technology business concept
Photo of Business people negotiating a contract.
Photo of I need everyone to give me their best ideas
Photo of Building up on their ideas
Photo of Businessman and businesswoman smiling looking at phone
Photo of Businesswoman smiling during a meeting in office
Photo of Mixed group of business people sitting around a table and talking
Photo of Young businesswoman having a discussion with her colleagues in a meeting
Photo of Group of business people standing in hall, smiling and talking together
Photo of Young adult woman gestures and talks during interview with businesswoman
Photo of Employee people at modern office.
Photo of Fun at Work Meetings
Photo of Two businesswomen having a discussion while looking at a laptop screen
Photo of Mature man looking at a digital tablet that a colleague is showing at work
Photo of Shot of two work colleagues using a digital tablet during a business meeting at work
Photo of Business meeting
Photo of Home Office: Man and Woman Having a Meeting
Photo of Two Female Colleagues Fondly Talk to Each Other, Laugh and Smile while Working on Computers in Diverse Modern Business Office. Experienced Manager and Young Employee Discuss a Fun Analytical Project.
Photo of Mature couple meeting financial advisor for investment
Photo of Woman Speaking At Support Group Meeting For Mental Health Or Dependency Issues In Community Space
Photo of Multi Ethnic Business People Having Business Meeting
Photo of Businesswoman talking to a colleague
Photo of Two women analyzing documents at office
Photo of Business, presentation and man on a laptop in a corporate conference or office collaboration with a woman at work. Businessman, manager or coach for marketing, strategy and sales working with CEO.
Photo of Business colleagues having a conversation
Photo of Brainstorming as a Group
Photo of Colleagues discussing business
Photo of Business Signing a Contract Buy - sell house.
Photo of Discussing Business with Colleagues
Photo of Successful partnership
Photo of Teacher focuses on her student
Photo of Business people discussion advisor concept
Photo of Businesswoman handshake and business people. Successful business concept.
Photo of Two happy multicultural female college girls sit in the cafeteria, chatting and gossiping. Female students and girls talk.
Photo of Colleagues using tablet PC in textile factory
Photo of Millennial black businesswoman addressing colleagues at a corporate business meeting, close up
Photo of Enjoying Their Breaks Together
Photo of Business people shaking hands in office
Photo of Business woman talking to her colleagues during a meeting in a boardroom
Photo of Businessmen making handshake with partner, greeting, dealing, merger and acquisition, business cooperation concept, for business, finance and investment background, teamwork and successful business
Photo of Senior businesswoman meeting with partner
Photo of Business people talking in meeting
Photo of Leadership, management and teamwork between CEO and senior manager in a business meeting in the office. Leader and boss working as a team to plan the vision and mission for growth and development
Photo of Time for a quick brainstorm
Photo of Multiethnic colleagues sitting at desk looking at laptop computer in office.
Photo of Glad to work with you!
Photo of silhouette of young designer team standing with a white blank screen laptop and notebook in hands while discussing/talking about them new project with the modern office as background.
Photo of Multiethnic couple handshake with consultant at home
Photo of Bubble talk or comment sign symbol on yellow background.
Photo of Paperless workplace idea, e-signing, electronic signature, document management. Businessman signs an electronic document on a digital document on a virtual notebook screen using a stylus pen.