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Free Stock Photo of Happy Moss Falls Created by Nicolas Raymond

Happy Moss Falls

Long exposure water cascades near Bjarnarhöfn in the Western Region of Iceland. HDR composite from multiple exposures, and digitally manipulated with a moss texture naturally shaped as a happy face.

happy moss falls waterfall iceland waterscape cascades cascade cascading liquid fluid flow flowing river brook creek stream streaming wet landscape nature scene scenic scenery rock rocks rocky stone stones rugged wood wooded wooden mossy grass greenery vegetation lush organic atmosphere atmospheric environment environmental background backdrop texture textured textural decay decayed decaying grunge grungy grunged grunginess grime grimy griminess grit gritty grittiness distress distressed crack cracks cracked worn weathered raw rough tear tears torn hole holes slug snail worm icelandic western region vatnaleid wanderlust travel tourism touristic outside outdoor outdoors exterior beauty beautiful pretty picturesque surreal ethereal fantasy fantastic dream dreamy wonderland abstract abstracted abstraction concept conceptual face eye eyes mouth tongue smile smiling smily smiley smirk smirking grin grinning happiness joy joyful fun funny comic comical humor humour humorous humourous personify personification anthropomorphize anthropomorphise anthropomorphiza line lines curve curves curved round circular circle perspective composition long exposure soft silky smooth blur blurred detail details detailed hdr high dynamic range composite contrast contrasted contrasting shade shades shadow shadows highlight highlights green yellow orange brown white color colour colors colours colorful colourful vibrant vibrance vibrancy vivid season seasonal spring springtime somadjinn nicolasraymond
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