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Free stock image of Confetti Grunge Railroad created by Nicolas Raymond

Confetti Grunge Railroad

Photomanipulation combining an old logging railroad from the Yankee Horse Ridge section of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia (USA), and a grungy tombstone texture.

confetti grunge railroad background texture railway track tracks rail rails railing railings logging plank planks trail path pathway passage passageway walkway corridor transport transportation industrial backdrop pattern textured textural metal metallic wood woods wooded wooden stone rock rocky grungy grunged grunginess grime grimy griminess grit gritty grittiness decay decayed decaying distress distressed wear worn weathered raw rough grain grains grained graininess stain stains stained spot spots spotted dirt dirty mess messy lichen mould moulded mold molded mildew moss mossy plant plants foliage leaves tree trees branch branches trunk trunks forest landscape nature natural scene scenic scenery environment environmental atmosphere atmospheric organic yankee horse ridge blue parkway blueridge national park virginia va us usa united states america american travel wanderlust adventure journey outside outdoor outdoors exterior beauty beautiful pretty epic surreal ethereal fantasy fantastic wonderland dream dreamy dreamish dreamlike dream-like abstract abstracted abstraction concept conceptual rustic nostalgic nostalgia old age aged aging vintage retro abandoned lost forlorn forgotten leading line lines linear curve curves curved curving curvature winding vanishing point converge convergent converging wide angle wide-angle perspective composition composite detail details detailed contrast contrasted contrasting shade shades shadow shadows highlight highlights bright brilliant brilliance glow glowing indigo yellow gold golden orange red brown white black vibrant vibrance vibrancy colorful colourful vivid color colors colour colours season seasonal fall autumn autumnal somadjinn nicolasraymond
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