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Free stock image of Deep Forest Impact created by Nicolas Raymond

Deep Forest Impact

Photomanipulation combining a wide-angle forest scene near the Swains Lock section of the C&O Canal in Maryland (USA), a vintage grunge texture, and an abstract color map.

forest trees silhouettes grunge background silhouette silhouetted tree trunk trunks branch branches wood woods wooded wooden foliage leaf leaves nature landscape scene scenic scenery environment environmental atmosphere atmospheric sky twilight sunset sundown sunrise dawn dusk aurora borealis backdrop texture textured textural grunged grungy grungey grunginess grime grimy griminess grit gritty grittiness worn wear weathered tear tears torn distress distressed mess messy messiness decay decaying decayed raw rough crack cracks cracked scratch scratches scratched old vintage retro age aged aging swain lock co canal national park potomac maryland us usa united states of america american travel wanderlust outside outdoor outdoors exterior beauty beautiful pretty picturesque epic surreal ethereal fantasy fantastic wonderland ominous dramatic rapture apocalypse apocalyptic post-apocalypse post-apocalyptic armageddon doomsday fallout extinction event bleak dreary dreariness dread dreadful dreadfulness desolate desolation gloom gloomy gloominess obscure obscurity somber sombre scary scare spook spooky spookiness creepy creepiness eerie eery eeriness haunt haunted haunting horror horrour concept conceptual abstract abstracted abstraction line lines curve curves round circular circle ring ringed halo haloing tilt tilted tilting slant slanted slanting lean leaning oblique wide angle wide-angle perspective composition composite detail details detailed contrast contrasted contrasting shade shades shadow shadows dark darkness highlight highlights light lights bright brilliant brilliance glow glowing illuminate illuminated illumination blue cyan indigo yellow gold golden orange brown black white color colour colors colours colorful colourful vibrant vibrance vibrancy vivid cool cold chilling warm warmth hot heat fire fiery somadjinn nicolasraymond
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