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Free stock image of Gettysburg Sunset Decay - Sepia Nostalgia HDR created by Nicolas Raymond

Gettysburg Sunset Decay - Sepia Nostalgia HDR

Cloudy sunset scene & close-up of an old abandoned cart from the historic Spangler House area of Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania, USA. HDR composite from multiple exposures, and processed with warm sepia colors for a more nostalgic atmosphere.

gettysburg sunset decay sepia nostalgia hdr cart wagon wheel wheels tire tires plank planks log logs object still life still-life sky cloud clouds cloudy sun sundown scene scenic scenery landscape nature tree trees branch branches foliage leaf leaves grass lawn field vegetation background backdrop environment environmental atmosphere atmospheric texture textured textural wood wooded wooden rubber metal metallic grunge grunged grungy grungey grunginess grime grimy griminess grit gritty grittiness raw rough rundown run-down dilapidated disrepair broken abandoned abandonment desolate worn weathered distress distressed decaying decayed rust rusty rusted spangler house farm national military park battlefield pennsylvania us usa united states of america american americana history historic historical travel wanderlust tourism touristic outside outdoor outdoors exterior rural country countryside country-side urbex urban exploration age aged aging old vintage retro rustic nostalgic beauty beautiful pretty leading line lines linear circle circles circular round curve curves geometry geometric geometrical closeup close-up close up perspective composition high dynamic range composite detail details detailed contrast contrasted contrasting shade shades shadow shadows highlight highlights bright brilliant brilliance glow glowing illuminated illumination gold golden hour brown maroon orange white black grey gray color colour colorful colourful monotone monochrome monochromatic mono tone chrome chromatic vivid warm warmth somadjinn nicolasraymond
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