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Free stock image of Golden Romanesco Lollipop - HDR created by Nicolas Raymond

Golden Romanesco Lollipop - HDR

Macro photo of romanesco broccoli with a miniature lollipop prop. HDR composite from multiple exposures, and processed with bright yellow colors for a golden surreal atmosphere.

Category: Objects , Food & Drink
golden romanesco lollipop broccoli food hdr macro roman romanesque cauliflower broccoflower brassica oleracea brassicaceae floret florets vegetable produce plant nutrition nutritious nutrient nutrients diet health healthy unhealthy candy bonbon confection confectionery dessert treat sweet yum yummy savor savour savory savoury flavor flavour taste tasty tasteful agriculture agricultural nature miniature miniaturized prop object background backdrop texture textured textural beauty pretty beautiful gorgeous spectacular epic surreal ethereal alien extra terrestrial extraterrestrial extra-terrestria science-fiction sciencefiction science fiction scifi sci-fi sci fi fantasy fantastic psychedelic trippy funky pure purity elegant elegance fancy ornate delicate abstract abstracted abstraction concept conceptual pattern fractal fibonacci spiral spirals spiraling spiralling swirl swirls swirling twirl twirls twirling curve curves curved curving round circle circles circular dot dots dotted spot spots spotted geometry geometric geometrical perspective composition detail details detailed crisp sharp focal focus blur blurs blurred blurriness shallow dof depth of field soft smooth close-up closeup close up high dynamic range composite contrast contrasts contrasted contrasting shade shades shadow shadows highlight highlights bright brilliant brilliance glow glowing gold yellow orange brown white black color colour colorful colourful vibrant vibrance vibrancy vivid monotone monochrome monochromatic mono tone chrome chromatic somadjinn nicolasraymond
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