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Free stock image of Infernal Prison Corridor created by Nicolas Raymond

Infernal Prison Corridor

Photomanipulation combining a wide-angle prison corridor from the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA), along with an abstract bokeh texture.

infernal prison corridor jail penitentiary tunnel building landmark architecture architectural structure construction row aisle cell cells pipe pipes piping lamp lamps skylight skylights wall walls ceiling floor confinement confinment confined quarter quarters background backdrop scene texture textured textural circle circles circular round dot dots dotted spot spots spotted spec specs speck specks blur blurs blurred blurriness soft smooth concrete stone brick bricks metal metallic iron steel crack cracks cracked worn weathered distressed grunge grunged grungy grungey grunginess grime grimy griminess grit gritty grittiness peel peeled peeling paint raw rough decay decaying decayed wear distress rust rusted rusty rustic urbex urban exploration industrial abandoned abandonment desolate decommissioned old vintage retro age aged nostalgia nostalgic history historic historical heritage eastern state philadelphia pennsylvania pa us usa united states of america american travel tourism touristic indoor indoors inside interior line lines linear geometry geometric geometrical wide angle wide-angle long exposure long-exposure composite detail details detailed bleak somber sombre gloom gloomy haunted horror horrour creepy creepiness chilling scary spook spooky spookiness dreary dreariness dread dreadful dreadfulness inferno hell hellish apocalypse apocalyptic post-apocalypse post-apocalyptic armageddon doom doomsday dooms-day rapture epic surreal ethereal fantasy fantastic concept conceptual abstract abstracted abstraction shade shades shadow shadows highlight highlights light lights bright contrast contrasts contrasted contrasting glow glowing illuminate illumination illuminations illuminated brilliant gold golden yellow orange brown maroon sepia vibrant vibrance vibrancy color colors colour colours colorful colourful vivid warm warmth somadjinn nicolasraymond
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