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Free stock image of Young girls at the beach created by Joey Crowley

Young girls at the beach

Young girls at the beach

  1. Member since: August 26th 2009
    Pat Thompson10 years ago

    Hi Joey,
    Thanks for posting this image on Stockvault. I really liked it! My hobby is retouching photographs,so I used smudge painting tool in Photoshop to to retouch your terrific photo to give it a painterly look and feel. Here is a link to a comparison image showing the photograph and the smudge painted version of it.

    Click here

    I also have a website where i post completed projects so that family and friends can view them. I am not commercial in any way and don't sell my work. I am retired and retouching and manipulating photographs is my hobby. Someday, I might want to add the painted photograph to my website. However, I will only place it there with your permission. I realize that the experience of this kind of work is very subjective, and therefore I would never expect and/or predict that anyone else would react to an image in the same way that I would. So,if for any reason, you are uncomfortable with me placing the image on my website i will not publish it there or anywhere else. My email address is:
    [email protected]

    Here is a link to my website,so that you can get an idea of what the painted image might look like,if it were posted there.

    Thanks again for posting this image and giving me the opportunity of a fun project,

    All the very best,
    Pat Thompson

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