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Over 138.000 free images with personal, commercial and public domain licenses.

If you are a designer, artist, blogger, webmaster or scrapbooker or any other type of creative you will benefit greatly from a website such as that offers free stock photos.

Free stock photos are images that you are permitted to use according to the license the creator has chosen. Some images are free for Commercial and Public Domain use, while others are allowed for personal and educational use only. You can find a vast selection of free stock photos with personal, commercial and public domain licenses available on

A stock photo website consists of a large database of high quality images that its audience may use either on a paid or free of charge basis. These photos are of a wide range of subjects and are obtained by both amateur and professional photographers. New stock photos from photographers originating around the world, are added on a daily basis. For example, here at, we have an archive of more than 138.000 free stock photos, and growing everyday!


Everyone knows that if you have a picture, you will attract a larger audience. The advantages of using free stock photos are endless as it can really enhance your work. Whether you choose to use a stock vector icon, a generic background texture or a more specific photograph, with a little creativity, you can take your brand, website or blog to the next level by simply using a free stock photo.

Save Money

If you are on a budget but still require top-class photography or free stock photos for your website, blog or flier, choosing to use free images as found on the website, can greatly reduce the cost of hiring a professional photographer to take the photos you need.

Save Time

Using free stock photos also saves you loads of time because you don’t have to manage your photographer and photo shoot. In addition, there is no having to wait for your photos to be edited and downloaded. All that is required is to browse the StockVault gallery of high quality images and select the ones that are most suitable for your needs: simple!

Free Photos and Illustrations

New high quality images, textures and illustrations added every week!