Life on planet Earth is incredibly diverse and strange in many ways. The wide variety of species, the differing characteristics and behavior and different appearances are truly incredible, with microscopic life all around us, almost alien-looking life in the depths of the oceans, and fierce predators in the wild.

Wildlife is a great subject for photographers, both beginners and professionals alike. Humans tend to act differently when they are being filmed (although candid camera shots can combat this), whereas wildlife is generally unaware and uninterested in being photographed, which can result in some very fascinating scenes.

The challenge with wildlife photography is the danger posed by the wildlife and the elements, and the difficulty in getting a crisp, clear shot without scaring them off. But this challenge is one of the reasons that wildlife photos can have such great results:

Survival By Peter Stahl

Team Work By Andiyan Lutfi

Hello Lunch! By Andrew J. Lee

Fear By Ebrahim bakhtari bonab

Totally Run Off My Feet… By Austin Thomas

Gotcha! By Marsel van Oosten

Smack! By Marsel van Oosten

To Migrate By Mohammed Alnaser

she is mine By FuYi Chen

Wolfsblut By Manuela Gorber

Hoglet By Erik Bjørnøy Olsen

The Dark Side! By Sue Demetriou

Agression By Brendon Cremer

Epic Battle By Toni Pfaffenbauer

Who me? By Simon Roy

Heavenly water By Michelle Degryse

Deer By Martin Dellicour

Death From Above By Steve Perry

Hang On By MNH Fadli Zaka

Bosque morning By Charles Glatzer

Stick And Fly III By Buck Shreck

A mouse’s nightmare By Kirsten Bird

Mc Chicken By Martina Epping

Emerald Basilisk By jimmy hoffman

Hunter By Behazeen

Tonight’s the Night By Andre Villeneuve

Run, Forrest, Run! By Paul Kovacs

Feeding Time By Ernest Rex

What does the fox say? By Konsta Punkka

squirrel monkey (Totenkopfäffchen) By Tobias de Haan

  • Since photography is all about painting with light, you need to know how to use the light to your best advantage in wildlife photography as well. Often we will find ourselves in a position where the light isn’t ideal, or, heaven forbid, the light is sweet but from the wrong direction…and we also aren’t always in a position to move around to a better spot. The good news is that light from the wrong direction can add lots of mood to an image.