Light painting is a wicked cool technique in photography, where you can set a long exposure, and then using a glowstick, flashlight, or other light source, you can move the light in various ways to create painted effects. Although the technique is a bit tricky to balance the contrast, shutter speed, focal length and other parameters, the results are well worth the effort.

Here are some examples of light painting in photography to get you inspired to try it out for yourself!

RGB UFOs by Jeffrey Sullivan

Swansong by Ian Hobson

Running and Swinging with Fire by Alexkess

Love at First Light by flatworldsedge

Antiparticle by TCB

Large Fire Wings by Matt The Samurai

Still Got the Blues by jannepaint

I’m The Spirit of Your Dirty Dishes by Math

Difficult is Worth Doing by WhyNot

Love Wins by WhiteHotPhoenix