Eye color is one of the most notable attributes that seem to define a person’s appearance (along with hair color and face shape), and it’s largely determined by genetics through inheritance. Eye color is determined by a combination of the pigmentation of the iris, and the scattering of light in the turbid medium in the iris.

Certain eye colors are viewed as more desirable than others, and it’s largely determined by culture and rarity. In mammals, blue eyes specifically are quite rare, although certain regions of the world are predominantly blue-eyed for human eye color. Blue eyes can seem grayish, greenish or even brownish under certain lighting circumstances, as there is no blue pigmentation in the eye itself, it’s due to light scattering that the blue color is created.

Blue eyes have a clear, crisp and refreshing feel to them, and it’s something that photographers love to capture:

Oceans By Mareike-Tordis Puhl

Soul Mirror By Thorbjørn Fessel

chiara By Daniela foghis

Smokey By Dmitry Elizarov

Secret Garden By Margarita Babenosheva

Sara By Tomek Dyczewski

Winter’s Beauty By Radu Carnaru

Sylwia By Jaroslaw Saternus

Alexandra By Arnold Eszenyi

Winter BlueEyes By Victor Kostiuk

Up By Ben Torode

Just look at me By Vicoolya & Saida

blue-eyed girl By Ville Hyytinen

Mafia By Dyno KRYSIS

The Color of Contrast By Joel Santos

Tina By Vedran Vidak

Naturally curly By jude balari

BlueEyes By Magda Berny

K By Magda Berny

Azure By Karina Chernova

Blue eyes By Pavel Lepeshev

Behind Blue Eyes By Imantas Boiko

*** By Jovana Rikalo

7 months for Henri By Marie

Piki By Yannis Karantonis

Frozen By Ryan Pendleton

BlueEyes By Brian Ingram

Just a little business girl By John Wilhelm

*** By Ann Nevreva

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