Native tribes and other distinct social groups are often some of the strongest expressions of culture in a given land, because while they are generally a part of a country, they operate and identify separately from the actual government or country in many cases.

As such, to maintain their identity and culture expressions, natives and tribes tend to use dress, hairstyles, paint, colors, jewelry and music in unique ways that provide a clear sense of the collective.

For photographers, this offers a variety of unique and distinct opportunities for capturing cultural expression:

A curious child By James Stone

The Tribe By Chris Taylor

Tribal y Stephen Bures

Himba By Alexis Goubert

Mursi Woman By Csilla Zelko

Amazon Chief By Chris Taylor

Roof Weaver By Jonathan H> Lee

still a warrior By Pavol Stranák

Portrait of a young boy from Mursi tribe, Ethiopia By Luisa Puccini

X!is in hunting mode By Ben McRae

Mentawai hunters By Yaman Ibrahim

dani: to make fire By Pavol Stranak

Her Life By Riza Ishar

Mursi boy By Nick Fox

Girl with a goat By Nick Fox

Kuto By Csaba Desvari

Maasai women By Pierre-yves Babelon

Mursi By Vedran Vidak

Mursi Girl By Hesham Alhumaid

Armed By Norbert Becke

Mursi Children By Norbert Becke

Mursi boy By Vedran Vidak

Mursi World By Goran jovic

Mursi woman – Ethiopía By Carlos Cass

Mursi Woman By Norbert Becke

Mursi girl (Omo Valley-Ethiopia) By Joxe Inazio Kuesta Garmendia

Mursi woman with her child (Omo Valle… By Joxe Inazio Kuesta Garmendia

Mursi Woman By Nick Fox

Woman from Mursi Tribe, Omo people By Luisa Puccini

Young Mursi By Nick Fox

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