When most people think of flour, they think of baking or cooking. Flour is a powder created from grinding foodstuffs until it is a fine, consistent powder. Flour is one of the most important ingredients in cooking, and is used in everything from breads and pastries to cheese sauces and crackers.

Flour has some other interesting properties, due to its ability to spread out in the air as a fine powder. In fact, the ability of flour dust to be suspended in the air makes it explosive and flammable in certain circumstances.

Flour can be used in photography to create various effects that range from smokey to misty, as well as a thematic element:

G i a d a B r u c i a By Marco Petracci

Off the Wall By Lupe Jelena

Ewa By Don Horne

Into the cold By Jamie Fife

Carimé By Lupe Jelena

flour flip By Utzel-Butzel

dance By shahaf brumer

No woman no pie By Christophe Kiciak

Amazing By shahaf brumer

Iron Man By shahaf brumer

Farina By Caroline GIFE

Untitled By Gary Chapman

Flower By I Must Be Dead

Titan By Renee Robyn

Flex By David Malledo

Antithesis By David Boldery

Explosion By Alain Wallior

The Flour Bang By Kate Khristenko

Splat By Frank McKenna

Powder Dance! By Thorsten Sass

ARGHH! By Michael Wessel

Angel By Hans van Son

The Punch By Frank McKenna

Dusty Dancer By Dirk DeLaney

Flying angel By Mikulas Krepelka

3 2 1 By Benedikt Rest

Blow By Michal Gorski

Anima By Mathieu Degrotte

A Lunatic´s Lament By Sandra Müller

Ruka – Hand By Roman Avdagic

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