Red is one of the most noticeable and dominant colors, and is one of the primary colors, and has importance in fields ranging from biology to food, art and more. Red symbolizes a variety of things, ranging from courage, love, celebration and attention to danger, anger, seduction and war.

A leading theory as to why the color red is distinguishable for primates as opposed to other animals is that red signified ripeness and allowed primates to find sources of food more easily.

Red works really well in photography as it draws significant attention compared to the background and stands out. Here’s some striking examples of red in portrait photography that are quite impressive.

*** by Dmitry Trishin

Wonderlust by Irene Rudnyk

Portraits - Striking the Pose e-Book

Red v2 by rekit

Red, black & gold by trondus

The red-haired girl by cristimilan7

Perfumer by Jenya Push

Lady in Red by girish_suryawanshi

Snow Queen by Tim Everett

Darkbazie Potrait by Demonrat

To the top by MKCH

Red haired girl by Aleksie

Autumnalby *Daywish

Red Red Red by Phillipp Arnold

Red Hairby *pure-insomnia

The girl with red hair by Laura

girl with red hairby ~eugene-kukulka

Solar snow by Tim Everett

Portraits - Lighting the Shot e-Book

Hairby ~lestouis

Girl with very red hair by attomanen

Lady with red by Ai Noon

Red Hairedby *pure-insomnia

The Girl In Red by Mathurin156

Kir by Koen van der Kam

Redhair girl IV by tipoe

Red hair by CSchaustPhotography

Oh This Hair by Felynx-x

Hot by Lev Savitskiy

Sinead By Rob Ellis

Hair of Fire by Felynx-x

Portraits - Making the Shot e-Book

Redby *NeciaNavine

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