Valentine’s day is a commonly celebrated holiday around the world, marked on February 14th. Initially the celebration of an early Christian saint named Valentinus, Valentine’s day began taking on romantic overtones during the middle ages, and the more modern tradition of Valentine’s day first evolved in 18th century England.

Valentine’s day is essentially celebrated as a lovers’ holiday. Couples frequently present each other with flowers, chocolates, other candy and greeting cards, as an expression of the affection they have for the other person. The significance of the holiday varies from person to person and couple to couple, with some preferring to just spend time together without any material components, whereas for others, the special occasion calls for dinner, flowers, candy, movies and more.

The love that is associated with Valentine’s day is a great concept for photography, because it’s possible to capture the joy and emotion that is expressed.

Happy Valentine’s Day By Shawn Grenninger

Happy Valentine’s Day By Jacky Parker

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! By yuri bazhan

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Valentine’s Roses By Terence Pereira

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