Birds are some of the most colorful animals on the planet. The colors of bird feathers are produced by pigments, microscopic elements that refract, or scatter select wavelengths of light. Colors of feathers are useful for a variety of reasons, such as attracting mates or serving as camouflage.

The colors of birds specifically were developed during natural selection, where the desirable color characteristics allowed certain mates to reproduce with higher success. Usually (although not always), the male of the bird species is more colorful than the female.

The color of birds can really make for some spectacular photographs, although getting a good snapshot can be difficult since birds are easily startled and fly away quickly. But for the patient photographer, the results can be stunning:

On Her Perch by Andrew Steele


All My Beauty by Alessandro Rossini


Tropical Living by Jessy


Bright Feathers


Welcome to the New Year by Hennie van Heerden


Fine Art of Landing by Thomas Retterath


Top model by giorgio debernardi


Love Bird Yellow by Mohamad Faizal Omar


Shy by Ilias Nikoloulis


It is Freezing by BenHeine


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