The concept of being refreshed always evokes positive thoughts and feelings. Being refreshed means you feel renewed, revitalized, and usually connotes a feeling of energy and focus.

It’s easy to see why being refreshed is a desirable state. During the week and throughout the course of life, there are many times where we can feel run-down, lethargic, unmotivated and exhausted. Being refreshed improves your state of mind, and most people feel refreshed after sleep more than any other time. But water is also highly associated with refreshment, as is the sensation of cooling down on a hot day.

To help reinvigorate you, you’ll love these refreshing photographs that will revitalize your day.

Refresh By Faon Photography

Marathon refresh By Raphaël Dupertuis

Refresh By Tonnaja Anan Charoenkal

Refresh ! By Amoeba Soup

Refreshing By Alex Moldovan

Refresh By Ton Heijnen

Shower with love By hardibudi

Achoooo By Dave Nitsche

Basah By Andre Arment

juicer By Elena Eremina

refresh By Bjørn K

Refresh By Bedanta

Refreshing Summer By Valentin Offner

refreshing By icarofirmino

Refresh By Ortzi Omeñaka

Refreshing Water By Masahiko Futami

Refreshing By sbardelott

Refreshing By Adriano Oliveira

Refresh By Ray Majoran

refreshing By Abdul Monem Al jahwari

Refreshing By Victor Caroli

Refresh By Snappy Bk

Refreshing By joebbowers

refresh By sam strauss

Refreshing water By Marek Caran

San Fermin, Refreshing and Wine By Jordi Cohen

Kiwi splash By Thomas Buchmann

Refreshing moment By Pablo Reinsch Photography

Refreshing By Tiffany Carter

Splash! By Mahoney Photography [Ryan Mahoney]

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