Poverty is one of the most important issues facing the globe. There is a growing divide between the rich and poor in developed countries, as well as a major divide between developed and undeveloped countries.

Poverty is defined as lack of possessions and wealth, and it comes as both absolute poverty (where basic human needs such as food and water are missing), and relative poverty, where the level of wealth of a person is significantly lower than the average of the population.

Poverty has devastating effects on families, personal health, and economic stability, and while there are no easy solutions, it is an issue the global community is working to address. For photographers, poverty in photographs can be especially moving and tug at the heart strings.

Some Life… By Sacred Pixels

Connected By Istvan Kerekes

Paris Poor & Rich By aaih88

The Bonfire of The Vanities By Koen Pieters

Women washing By Faruk Uslu

Poverty & Pollution By Ehsan Abbasi

The southern line – Cambodia By Jean-Francois Perigois

After dinner By Istvan Kerekes

Not Easy By Pavol Delej

Ethiopian Eyes BW By Husain Alfraid

Littleboy tibetan By Aoshi Vn

Memories of my father when I was young. By Jakkree Thampitakkul

Santeroa in Havana By Witold Skrzypinski

Waste By Fons Rademakers

Malagasy smile By Oliver Schram

In The Streets of My Home By Michael Ken

poor By Michael Ken

Home By Jan Moller Hansen

Poverty By muratersinyilik

Little family By Istvan Kerekes

One of Victor Hugo’s Wretched By Marin Marinov

Poverty of Thailand By Joseph Linaschke

rich and poor By michele chiroli

Homeless Man in Sofia, Bulgaria By Jason Rossi

Lovely smile By Le Bich

Those who have so little By Nicolas Marino

Old Building By Rong Yang

Girl having Breakfast By Jan Moller Hansen

Mathare – Everydaydream #3 By Claudio Allia

Slum village By shinjiisobe

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