Stars have always fascinated mankind, and they’ve helped us with everything from navigation to monitoring time through the development of the calendar based on the Earth’s position relative to our star (the Sun).

Stars have been classified into shapes based on their positions in a group, known as constellations, and these have had important religious and astrological significance.

Photographing stars can be difficult due to light pollution, but using a combination of long exposure in isolated or remote areas can reveal truly breathtaking photographs of the heavens.

Martis Valley Stars by Paul Heran

Stars by Tiberius47

Star by Tom Hall

Stars by Mats Anda

The Universe Looks Down On The Township by Ben Robson

Stars by PaulineMoss

Stars by Mohamed Majid

Stars by Rosm One

Starry Sky over Yosemite’s Half Dome by Adam Foster

Sandbox Under the Stars by PeterJCoskun

Stars and stars by John Hill

Billions and Billions of Stars and a Perseid Too! by Michael Menefee

Stars by Butterfly-Skies

The tower at night by Kostadin Madjarov

Stars by Kefirux

Star Hunting At Loveland Pass by Mike Berenson

Star Light…… Star Bright by James Duckworth

Stars by Miikka Vennola

Stars by LuxLucie


Stars over Galena Peak by Pat Gaines

Pure Milky Way by James Wheeler

Stars over Wall Street – Bryce Canyon by Royce Bair

**Galloping in the mountains** by Konstantinos Vasilakakos

Stars and Arch by John Fowler

Milky Way by Denis Belitsky

Balcombe Stars by Jamie Pryer

Alien Hand by Adam Stephenson

Stars by David DeHetre

Milky Way over New Hedges by Grant Hyatt

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