Going slow tends to get a bad reputation. Most of us get frustrated with slow drivers, people who shop slowly and take their time, and in today’s fast paced digital world, slow is one of the worst adjectives that can be applied to a piece of technology.

However, there are times when going slow allows you to appreciate the finer qualities of something, savor it, or enjoy it more thoroughly.

In photography, slowness as a concept can be interesting to capture, as it’s a form of motion, but it doesn’t work particularly well with slow shutter speed photography or motion photography (unless the concept is to slow something fast down). Capturing it can be either thematic, or by showing something move slowly while everything else moves around it faster. Here’s some examples of slowness in photography:

Snail and the raindrop By Vadim Trunov

Relax time By Andiyan Lutfi

Slow walking By bug eye 🙂

Slow and low By mario grobenski – psychodaddy

Slow Exit By Tyler Coen

Slow Progress By Lior Y

slow but sure By Shikhei goh

Ghost Ship By Brodie Knox

Slow and steady By Rahul Tripathi

Slowly By sara aghapoor

Slow Motion By Octavianus Darmawan

Slow but sure By Andiyan Lutfi

Slow transport By Ferdinando valverde

Slow Water By Frank Jensen

Slowely but surely By Tomasz Trzebiatowski

The Killer By Richard Peters

People Come and Go By Marco Soggetto

Floating slowly By Evans Lazar

alongshore By Andrey Narchuk

Slow but sure By Andiyan Lutfi

Feeding Time By Andiyan Lutfi

Ouuugh…so hard By Andiyan Lutfi

Slowly Melting Away By Marina Garrido

Golden Rush Hour By Evgeny Tchebotarev

Slow and Steady By Barath Ganesh

Slow and Steady By Patrick Siau

slow n steady win the race By Dharmendra Kumar

Fibonacci’s Spiral By Arvin Rahimzadeh

it’s been a slow day By Odette Holty

oOpS , a snail on the Waves

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